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Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by RobinWillson, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. RobinWillson

    RobinWillson Affiliate affiliate


    A casual talk.
    Many people said download now offers are convert well, and yes I will also like to promote these kind of offers. So I do some study then I notice a campaign like this :
    1. I search for "ABC game(just example) hacked unlimited money.apk" on browser of my phone.
    2. I click in a website and click download.
    3. It pop up and redirect me to a landing page shows : submit your phone ( charge $10/week), we will send you awesome free game every week!!

    While I see this, the first message pop up in my mind is : "I want to download ABC game. What the Fxxx you will give to me!?"
    Then a secnod message in my mind is :"Should I submit it? maybe it will give me what I want."(I'll must make a complain if they don't)

    Here comes my questions:
    Does anyone have submit such an offer? What will they exactly provide to you? What message you get after you click confirm?

    And always these offers say they will provide 2 girls pictures/2 wallpapers for $10/week.
    Well...Actually I can download 10000+ free pictures everywhere. I wonder why there is people want to pay for these pictures??

    Just want to discuss about what's your experience about these offers.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  2. terraleads

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