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A warm hello to all members here


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Hi, I'm a new member here. I happened to find this forum via google and was amazed at the wealth of information posted here. I'm from Richmond, VA. I currently have around 30 domains and am very keen to optimize them with affiliate marketing programs. Right now they are gathering some dust at Sedo earning a total of around $8 a month.

After reading the posts here, I see an opportunity to convert my lazy domains into active ones. Over the days, I hope to learn a lot from here and maybe have my own affiliate sites up and running.

I would be glad if members here can guide me at times, as I have very less web designing skills or knowledge. I am currently learning HTML online and hope to catch up with the skills in a month or two.



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Welcome to 5 Star, VARON.

I am glad you found us and that you have been impressed with all of the information that is here.

This is a very friendly and very helpful community. Our members will be glad to guide you when you need it. Just ask questions whenever you have them.