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A chat with Jeremy from CPAlead..

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by JaffaCake, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. JaffaCake

    JaffaCake Affiliate affiliate

    Ok - So i'm going to share with you guys a personal experience i've just had today with a CPAlead affiliate manager 'Jeremy Hayden'. It came to my attention
    that i had been banned from their chat box, so naturally I went to my AM to seek advice on how to lift this, or even a justifyable reason as why this ban had been put in place.

    So, around an hour later of noticing I see Jeremy come on Skype so I see it as my chance to hopefully resolve this silly issue. After brief discussion and telling him
    my affiliate ID, he tell me I was banned for cussing a member of the cpalead chat. Ok, so fair enough. but really - a 102 day ban?

    What makes it worse was that the person i was 'arguing and using profoudn language' towards was totally aware that it was a joke, and didn't take it to heart - and i'm
    fully sure he wouldn't of reported this to try and get me banned..

    So anyway, I say my opinion of the matter, pretty much whats started in the above paragraph - and guess what he tells me?

    [17:03:57] Jeremy: And it was a 102 day ban because you are a constant problem.

    Ok, i'm a problem now too? You mean a loyal publisher is a problem on the network? So here is my reply.

    [17:04:19] Jordan »: constant problem? wait so you're calling a aloyal publisher a problem
    [17:04:23] Jordan »: ok
    [17:04:36] Jordan »: and you are telling me whats right and wrong to say
    [17:07:33] Jordan »: ?
    [17:07:51] Jordan »: you dont find that slightly ironic

    Yep - as you can imagine, he had no reply after this, because i'm pretty sure he didnt wan't to once again trip himself up and was probably seeking
    advice from another CPAlead colleague as to how not to offend the publishers?

    OH AND WHATS MORE? - Jeremy REMOVES me from Skype. "This person has not shared their details with you." "Wow..thanks man, great advice. The CPAlead Am's are so helpful and great!!"

    - Yours opinions?
  2. newbidder
  3. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Service Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Really... No comments LOL...

    Might be he reoved you because he didn't had any answer of it LOL
  4. CPAleadJeremy

    CPAleadJeremy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    I hope you didn't take the fact that I did not want to argue with you over Skype the wrong way, we are very busy over here at CPAlead and I sent you the correct contact to dispute your Ban twice. I have unblocked you from Skype to continue business discussions, but as mentioned before you can dispute your Chat ban by contacting our Security department if that is required.

    The facts are we have strict rules in our Chatroom (That you are aware of, being a loyal and long time Publisher) and we do not allow the use of constant profanity, at any time of the day. If it is a joke or not, others could be offended by the words you decided to use and to respect the CPAFix terms I will not post them here. If you want to joke with a friend, take it up on messenger or another form of communication. I don't think that it is unfair for us to moderate our Chatroom for these kinds of actions, the same way most forums do for example. We do have the right to tell you that profanity is not allowed, as it is our Chatroom.

    You have been banned for multiple reasons (including profanity) a total of 12 times since you have started as a Publisher, this does seem like a constant problem we have so that is the reason your ban duration was so high. In good faith I have more than halved that amount for you, so you will be unbanned a lot sooner.

    Thank you for your support.

  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    First off, thank you Jeremy for taking the time to reply.

    As for Jordan - i can only speak from my point of view - lets say you were on this site and the rules stated "no swearing" and after 12 bans you were still swearing - i would ban you for 106days or whatever sure! Yes it may be petty and i wouldn't do it but CPALead are a big company and have laws and rules for a reason so they must enforce them! Lets say everyone was let off - it would be carnage! I'm sure if you apologise again and maybe understand your mistake you may be unbanned i donna thats not for me to say!

    Anyway CPAFix got you half your ban taken away :)

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