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5 Steps To Have An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Alex Dempsey, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Alex Dempsey

    Alex Dempsey Affiliate affiliate

    Most marketers want to create an effective email marketing campaign and perform it right from the first steps. Setting up the right questions will help you find the answer you want, and of course, it can't be without the 5 questions below.

    1. Who Will Be Your Target Customer?

    The email you send will be received by another person. Therefore, the most important thing that you always have to write is CONTENT.

    Wanting to win customers' feelings before making them with draw their wallets for your product, you have to definitely understand them, about the target audience and not stop at basic information such as email, gender. ..

    The simplest way you can try, send emails about products, topics that customers are interested in and see the most, you will be surprised by the positive response from them.

    If you do not know how to get the target customer email file, Mailbiz.co-product will help you do that. Mailbiz will help you extract emails from Group and Fanpage on Facebook. Furthermore, this tool will help you understand the insight customers about what Group and Fanpage they like. Find out more information at Mailbiz.co | Facebook Email Extractor, Facebook Phone, Extractor Facebook Ads Spy, Ecommerce Tools.


    2. How Often Is Your Mail Sent Reasonable?

    Don't make an obnoxious stalker in the eyes of customers. The more emails are sent in a short time, the more likely it is that the spam report will be higher and the recipient will not be happy at all. If you really understand the customer, you will know when is the right time to start the conversation.

    3. What Type Of Content Does You Plan To Submit?

    Never ignore shaping thoughts before posting content to send to customers.

    But good content is not enough, but it also needs to be sent to the right audience. Only when these two elements are harmoniously combined, will you get the same results from email marketing.

    4. Does Your Email Show Up Well On Mobile?

    We live in a world of mobile phones, so it is inevitable that email design also needs to ensure good interaction on the mobile platform. Don't click your tongue because you think that good design on your computer is fine, because you'll skip a large number of customers who regularly check your mailbox with your mobile phone.

    5. Do You Follow The Indicators?

    As mentioned above, remind yourself to send emails to people who are really interested in your content. The open rate measurement tool will help you find out who actually interacts with your email. Customers who do not read mail prove that they do not care much about you. After all, disturbing customers with the content they don't want to see will take time for both parties.

    Above are some tips that can help you plan your email marketing better.

    Thank you for watching.
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  3. Don Sales

    Don Sales Affiliate affiliate

    Nice thoughts here. Thanks for sharing.
    I personally get annoyed when someone sends me many emails in short period of time and I do believe almost everyone gets annoyed as well. Sometimes placing ourselves in your customer's shoes helps.
    I usually send regular emails and the frequency depends on the audience.
    Getting to know your audience is key and will prove very profitable in the future.
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  4. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    It's good to know about this info, thanks for sharing the informative article ...
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  5. monicageller3691

    monicageller3691 Affiliate affiliate

    Here are steps for an effective email marketing campaign:

    1. Proofread
    2. Whom to send and what to send?
    3. Links & Calls to Action
    4. Check Your List
    5. Test & Optimize.
  6. Akeentech

    Akeentech Affiliate affiliate

    Permitted to share with others?
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  7. Jackanderson

    Jackanderson Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing it's very informative I have a question email marketing is the part of seo or it's just a separate field for marketing
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