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4 methods for make money with content locker and link locker

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by strikefreedom, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. strikefreedom

    strikefreedom Affiliate affiliate

    If you are newbies for make money with link locker and content locker. There are 4 top ways to make money from content and link locker. For some newbies have not cpa network, you can find and sign up best cpa network for link locker and content locker .

    Method 1) - TV/Movie Sites

    This is the most popular method at the moment. and is very easy to do. all you need is the following A domain name and hosting account oruse blogger.com and create free blogs if you have your own domain name and hosting, then you want to install wordpress, find yourself a movie/tv wordpress theme and upload to the themes folder of your wordpress. grab some links from other sites who are showing or embedding the video shows. ie: watch simpsons online, watch twilight new moon online etc etc, add a picture for the show/movie to let others know also what it is they are viewing. insert all this into blog posts at your wordpress blog or blogger blogs. install the cpalead code and off you go.. tell the world about your site. goto yahoo answers and answer some questions on the relevant topics. post on forums and related blogs, leaving a backlink back to your site social bookmark it at digg and sites alike, social networks are also your best friend. facebook myspace and so on...

    Method 2) - Downloads Method

    This is another fairly simple method to set up. again you want to create some blogs. but this time your subject is downloads!!!. now think about this ok as this can befor alot of niches. so you have plenty toresearch. when i say downloads im saying things like, free stuff, ebooks, music, rapidshare links etc etc.. just provide what the user wants and whack up a cpalead gateway. do all the same as above with promoting your sites.. tell the world.

    Method 3) - The Keygen Method

    Ok this one is like the downloads one only this time your providing key generators. again this could be for anything. type "keygen" in your fav keyword tool and see what comes up.you'll be surprised :) now to get these keygens we searchwarez forums and blogs for this.there's enough of them about and im
    sure you can find some. if not then just google, "warez forum" or "warez blog" etc etc search these and grab the links for the keygen.. do not grab the keygen itself. you want the links only. create blogs for this and posts some posts etc. and then add the adworkmedia widget code. now for the traffic, its simple. we just
    go back to these warez sites and post links to the downloads. but will be our blog posts instead. simples.
    Method 4) - The Vouchers And Codes method

    I take it you can guess from the title of this what its about. yep we will be providing links to vouchers and discount codes for online stores or offline.. webhosting or sex toys, whatever just do some keywordresearch before hand and you can get some niches together to promote. create your blogs and have a nice theme etc. make it look nice n clean. search google for the codes and vouchers you can link to. copy them
    and paste into blog posts again. then head over to freebie forums and blogs. post your links, even yahooanswers too. just use as many methods as youcan think of to spread your links. but
    the ones ive said above work well

    Make money with content locker at cpacontentlocker.com
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Has anyone had much luck with the voucher method?
  4. royalrevenue

    royalrevenue Banned

    Cool idea.. Great thought. Claps dude.
  5. blogdemanila

    blogdemanila Affiliate affiliate


    i'm curious too because I've got a nice domain waiting to be tapped for this purpose.

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