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$300 in 9 Days! Am I CRAZY???

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by mister williams, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

    As I am writing this, the clock reads 6:28:18 PM - and the date is 18 Jan 2014.

    TBH (that's K's word - I noticed, hehe) You should know that it's not like I am going to pull something from outta my behind and let it rain $$$.

    No. I am on a rescue mission. It's somewhat of a crisis situation.

    And I thought, why not document it on this on the forum. It's like a little experiment at the same time.

    The kicker is that I have never done something like this. Ever. Lol!

    Here's the deal:

    I have to RESCUE my internet subscription from being terminated - happening in the upcoming week.

    So for the last couple of days I have been brainstorming ways to raise $300.

    How? Simple. Provide immense value for money to users on AffiliateFix.com and potential customers.

    I then went through my archives and got inspired to do design work again - so that's that I am going to do.

    Also, I am taking a stab at freelance writing gigs. But ofcourse you'd want to see writing samples, right?

    For now, you can read my website at - www.misterwilliams.net - to get a sense of my style.

    Please bear with me though, the site is still a work in progress. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I had to force myself to launch something as it is and improve on it later.

    In the meantime I am working on updating my graphic design portfolio.

    (PS. Any criticism, feedback or compliments about the site are welcomed).

    Later I am going to make an offer in the Buy/Sell section with all the services I am providing. It's important to know what you peeps want.

    Here's quick rundown of my design abilities:

    • Text-Based Logo's
    • Background Removal
    • eBook Covers Design
    • Facebook Banners
    • Print and Digital Flyer Designs
    • Twitter Backgrounds
    • DVD Training Course Package Design
    • Software Box Package Design

    and more.... That's just off the top off my head.

    So yeah, it's taken quite some time to write this up.

    But anyway, in a nutshell what I plan to achieve is:

    1. Raise $300 before 26 January 2014
    2. Provide graphic design and writing service
    3. Attract potential clients
    4. Work 12+ Hour days
    5. Secure atleast 2 months of solid work
    6. Save internet subscription
    7. Contribute to AffiliateFix.com
    8. Rack up the $$$
    9. Venture off into IM/AM full time

    And what if I fail?:( Well, I wouldn't wan't that to happen.

    But this is reality. I guess we'll see :p Atleast I experimented.

    -Mister Williams
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
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  2. newbidder
  3. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    You have a planned mission and a goal, so you're off to a good start. Sounds like you also have the talent, drive and work ethic to pull it off.

    Good luck! I'll be watching for your updates.
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  4. Klayne

    Klayne Affiliate affiliate

    For a blogspot blog it does look pretty good.
    If you want to have a real domain, PM, maybe I can buy you one.

  5. Klayne

    Klayne Affiliate affiliate

    Also wanted to add a small guide how you could get some potentional clients.

    Find few big Internet Marketing forums or any forum which could use graphic design services.
    Offer them for example 3 Free banner design and make them pretty good.
    I used to do this, and I did get 3 clients by doing this and they did hire me for more than once, and I was able to make few hundreds with this.

    I think you got my idea.
    Also try fiverr, just find some good templates and you can create design within 5 -10 minutes and earn 4$.

    Just my two cents.

  6. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

  7. aharvey101

    aharvey101 Affiliate affiliate

    Make or find a system, what Klayne just explained is a few systems. they are just as important as goals.
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  8. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

    While going about Photoshop, trying to get my creative spark back, I was hit with a dose of high creative inspiration, the type you get when you feel lost within the moment.

    Thinking up random ideas and words.

    Suddenly I conjured up a name for my thread/journal, lol.

    A campaign was born.

    I shall call it - Saving the Internet.

    It'll be treated as a marketing campaign in every way possible.

    Just think - WWSGD -"What Would Seth Godin Do?" That's also a WP plugin btw and also one of my favourite marketers.

    It's now 1:16:12 AM. At this hour I am brainstorming, hypothesising and implementing - getting things in place.

    Soon I'll be able to track some results.

    I am thinking about how I can get the idea to spread out and about, spilling over into other forums.

    Klayne suggested I post on big Internet Marketing forums to attract some clients.

    That's something to consider.

    Hmm, *putting thinking-cap on.

    At first I did want to create an offer exlusively and entirely for the AffiliateFix forum and community members. - a chance to test my skills. And simply provide.

    However, I did come to realize that in order to hit my goal I'll have to leverage my time aswell.

    Putting in 12 hours minimum for the next 8 days is about 84 hours total.

    Which means that to hit $300 in revenue I'd have generate about $3.57 per hour.

    And with those findings, I am have something else in the pipeline.

    Which, again I have NEVER done before. But you'll find out soon and bare witness to it all.

    Perhaps I'll fail at it, lol!

    Isn't it kinda weird how pressure can get us to perform at our best.

    The dormant potential and creativity just waiting to be happen but never does cos we don't feel like it at the time.

    I know the feeling.

    It's also insane to expect to raise $300 in such a time period.

    But here I am, just going about it.

    Anyway,it's back to the drawing board for me.

    P.S - Thanks for the kind words of encouragement to those who responded. I see ya;)
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2014
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  9. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    From the first post on your site: "Seems like their some bigshot uh? And you're just some mere onlooker." Should be "they're."

    Sorry to point it out but if you're going to be doing writing gigs, that sort of detail is important. Just trying to help, honest.

    Also, here is a page of 45 sites that pay upon acceptance: 45+ Websites that will Pay You to Write

    One of the links on that page no longer works but the rest do and some pay pretty well. The ranges mentioned are $50 - $1300 per article or blog post. You might be able to get your $300 in one lump sum. :)

    Funny thing is, I stumbled upon this today by accident. :)
  10. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for pointing that out :) I agree.

    And I'll check that site out now.
  11. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

    Getting some design samples up on the Fix.

    Here they are:


    Logo Design


    CD Mockups



    Background Removal




    Flyers Designs



    Banner Sample


    Website Design


    Note: I am not sure how these images will appear live on the forum. I previewed them and they still appear to be small.

    Is there anyone who can guide me on how to get the images to show larger? I'd appreciate that.

    Also, if you have any feedback, critiscism or compliments. Feel free to let me know :D

    Send a PM for further information if you got any questions.

    - Mister Williams

    Attached Files:

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  12. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Nice work!

    Re the pics, if you click on them they enlarge. If you want to post bigger pics, use imgur.com, grab the bb code, click on Go Advanced below the Quick Reply box and paste the code.
  13. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

  14. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

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  15. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate


    Aah! I see. Thanks peeps.

    Will update that shortly.
  16. azeking

    azeking Affiliate affiliate

    okey lets get this started thanks man
  17. azeking

    azeking Affiliate affiliate

    so anyone that can pm me how
  18. ciborr

    ciborr Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Good luck mate, motivation is the key
  19. xploit

    xploit Affiliate affiliate

    So today is the day you were hoping to achieve this by, how did you get on?

    Hope your still about to post a reply and let us know it went well :)
  20. mister williams

    mister williams Affiliate affiliate

    Three days later, I regret to inform all AffiliateFix members that the experiment had failed. *sigh

    The target was not reached.


    It's been an interesting couple of days, nonetheless, with lots of lessons learned.

    The creative muscle has been put to work so much that my dreams became so vivid. I often experience this.

    What a way to solve problems. Lol! I literally - Eat. Sleep. Internet.

    But anyway.

    This'll probably be the last update/post here until I don't know when.

    So to the guys and gals still at it - GOODLUCK!

    Shout out to azgold and Klayne for your help. I see ya.

    P.S - "I'll Be Back" - Schwarzenegger

    - Mister Williams
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