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3 Strategies to Increase Pay-Per-Call ROI

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by Sebastian Hanson, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Sebastian Hanson

    Sebastian Hanson Affiliate affiliate

    You know calls are the new clicks. This is fitted good for small business. PPCall rising day by day. Here is some strategy will help you to increase your ROI.


    Geolocation is playing a vital role in pay-per-call campaigns. You know 25% of search queries now take place on mobile devices, and over 50% of those are looking for local results. Now find your customer in local basic and run your campaign with targeted.


    Always remember buttons are more attractive than text. So use the button in your ads in a decent position. Bid your ads localization basic to reach the targeted customers and minimize your cost

    One more thing CTR of smartphone user is higher than feature phone users.


    Customers have spent more money by telephone than online, in part because the interactions they have with businesses are so personal. People like to talking to people, and they feel more comfortable making large purchases with the reassurance of an actual salesperson who has experience with the product or service being discussed.

    Hope you like my concept.
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  2. terraleads
  3. Joshua Connolly

    Joshua Connolly Affiliate affiliate

    Wonderful post. I do agree with you PPCall is new PPC. Eventually it works on local marketing and become popular day by day.
  4. Anonymous Marketer

    Anonymous Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Yup, do agree with you. This is a fabulous share. I am just looking for this type of tutorial in order to drive traffic for PPCall campaign. Anyway what is your current CTR?
  5. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    I know buttons are more preferable then text but in bing ads there are no option for button. If prefer buttons on ads then I have to move in adwords which are more costly then bing. Do you have any substitute idea?
  6. CAPN

    CAPN Affiliate affiliate

    Nice share! I am not getting into pay per call anytime soon, but I see that it is increasing in popularity. Just a question, what network would you recommend? MundoMedia, Neverblue, Ringpartner...?
  7. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    No doubt buttons are more important than the text but their design matters a lot. I never click on colorful and fake looking flashing buttons ever. You should keep the design sophisticated and professional. In fact, text also have its important. A single moving line or punch line pave your way to the success. So, don't focus on a single aspect only, and try to come up with a nice blended product.


    Here I want to share something. An innovative way to increase your Pay Per Call CTR ( Click through rate) is to use this kind of stunts;

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    So, work with the promotional offers more, to use this kind of strategy
  8. Callmarketing

    Callmarketing Affiliate affiliate

    wonderful post. i agree that buttons plays more role as compare to text

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