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20K+ affiliates on the board?

My business has been working with marketing affiliate programs for the past 6 months, with marginal success. we have a history in Direct Response by TV, Radio, etc.

Big challenge right now I am trying to figure out is what process is best for us to follow to really build out our affiliate revenue. What I would like to hear from top earners is:

1) a few websites or 1000's of websites - how are you building out your business model?

2) a few products or 100's of products?

3) Mostly niche markets where you dominate, or are you in highly competitve spaces as well?

I appreciate what you are willing to share. I am also willing to retain someone on a consulting basis to help answer some of these questions more direclty if sharing on a public forum is giving away too much.

I am trying to put a strategy/process in place to move forward, and am looking for clarity before I commit to a path that may be more difficult and less profitble than another long term.

Thanks for the feedback!