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  1. Bloody Tourist

    Creating my own course. Udemy or..

    Hey Fixers, Question for you guys that sell courses: What software/platform do you recommend? And for you Udemy users: What are some of the do's an don'ts? I have the marketing and traffic part down, so please limit your tips to course hosting/delivery/platforms etc.. ;) Thanks!
  2. kristina121

    anyone here know about this?

    i just seen this site from my timeline on facebook. here is it true? if yes, i will try this. i'm just looking for any courses in udemy also.
  3. T J Tutor

    Udemy Course Searh at Coupon Trump

    I ran across this site for searching Udemy courses. Thought some may have an interest in this as Udemy often has free course sign-ups. CouponTrump