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  1. René Wagner

    I think there no way to win in CPA

    I do not want to make anyone sad, but is it possible that only the big fishs in the game make money? Just For example, the people who promote adplexity or the founders of AdPlexity itsefls. Just imagine that this entire industry was just invented so we spend money on their tools. I have heard...
  2. René Wagner

    First campaign kills

    Hey Guys, I want to start to promote my first offer from maxbounty on outbrain or taboola. Its an biz ops offer and the csmpaign links to a landingpage. Is there anything i should be aware of, like using the right link, shorten the link etc? Is there an step by step guide to run the first...
  3. René Wagner

    Cheap Native Ad Network

    Hey guys, Im searching for a great native ad network for Biz ops traffic. The daily budget should be very low (like 10$ minimum a day) Do you guys have some tipps? Or is it maybe possible to lower the minimum daily budget on some networks? I just want to test so i dont want to blow away 100$...
  4. AffilightBlog

    Online marketing tips and trips

    We’re glad to introduce our online marketing blog! It contains all you’d like to know about online advertising, affiliate marketing etc. Hot topics: 1. 10 steps to increase conversions of your landing page 2. What is traffic back and why you’d use it 3. How to make money on APK distribution...
  5. Leogarcia1988

    SEO for a TOWN website

    Hello to all. I made a website about a town. My home town. And would like to know if there are any tips that you can pass my way to help on SEO. Information. I'm targetting 100 keywords with low competition. 1k to 10k. Competing with edus, govs and orgs for some of the keywords. Website is...
  6. Pay Per Call Guru

    Webinar Check out this Pay Per Call Webinar I did with RingPartner

    hi guys I did this great webinar with RingPartner where I share some Tricks and Tips on how to be successful with Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. Something went corrupt with the video apparently - so they just uploaded the audio - still educational though.
  7. Kass1408

    How do I find affiliates to promote my physical products?

    Hi there! I am a small online retailer of physical products (fitness niche) that sell rather well. I don’t want to sound smug, but I am rather proud of how I managed my online business promoting them. The products I offer are of the highest quality since I worked on improving them after a...