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  1. Steve @ Voluum

    PowerAff by Voluum: new tool for managing affiliate programs and networks

    Hi all, I have been quieter than normal about what our team was up to lately. Well, the waiting period is over as I can finally announce what’s coming: PowerAff by Voluum is now in beta and you can be among its first testers! What is PowerAff you may ask. PowerAff is designed to be a...
  2. Phill AdsBridge

    Push notifications at AdsBridge

    Hi everyone! :) We are eager to share the latest news with you! Our awesome tech team has developed a NEW FEATURE and now you can monetize your traffic using push-notifications at AdsBridge. Just place a code on your landing page and collect the base of subscriptions for further...
  3. U

    Quality click control Support

    Hi Guys, is there any manager related to qualityclickcontrol? My domain is not working and there support is not working in control panel. Can any one please respond if you too have the same issue. Even unable to create a support ticket.. :(

    [Webinar] Guide to Affiliate Campaign Tracker - June Update

    Hi, all the AffiliateFix members! - Use as your tracking solution of choice? - Want to know all the newest features and latest changes we have? - Or just looking for a ‘no-brainer’ affiliate and performance campaign tracker? Then we invite you to join our webinar “Guide to...
  5. Antary

    Voluum adding and using a custom domain

    Hi! My name is Anastasiia. I'm using Voluum and now I want to add a custom domain and set it only for several campaigns I run. Please help me understand how to do it correctly. P.S. I read and other related info. But it's still...
  6. dame colquhoun

    Success using free methods but want to do Paid ads..........

    Hi I have been making small income ( not a $100 a day unfortunately ) but I want my cash to start working for me. Reason being that it's hard to do so much work and not get a fair amount back in commissions. Best bet, go with higher paying offers; but i digress. I have done my hw on tracking...
  7. T

    Tracking system for mobile CPA affiliate network?

    Hello all! We're keen on starting mobile CPA affiliate network, which will require tracking system; the tracking system that we're looking for should meet the following requirements: 1) Easy to use, precise, advanced technologically and gives insights on traffic received (such as: Carrier and...
  8. B

    how to choose a tracking platform

    Hello ,everybody. Which tracking platform can support API integration? At present, our company is considering choosing a tracking platform.But our company is mainly automated operation, so the performance requirements of API is relatively high. Can Hasoffer obtain data in real time by...
  9. A

    CPA tracking platform

    Which tracking platform can support carriers targeting and API integration? Anyone can recommend some?
  10. moniking25

    Confused with Voluum!

    Hey everone first of all Have a great day The question is when ever i try to use voluum i get confused with the traffic source section there is an option to add traffic source Postback url to fire conversions But when i go to my traffic sources like i use startapp, leadbolt, tonic i can't...
  11. Jeff_Z

    Buying Set Up Tracking in Prosper202 for Email Campaigns and Then Teach Me How To Do It

    Hello Prosper202 experienced people, I am running email campaigns for lead generation for a direct offer (i.e., the offer comes directly from the advertiser; not from an affiliate network). I have Prosper202 running on a VPS host, but I need someone to set up all the tracking for this using...
  12. transyndicate

    Hi. We turn affiliates into advertisers

    our mission? turn affiliates into advertisers. launch your own offer in less than 30 days. prices start at $2.5k
  13. Akos

    What are the main pain-points of HasOffers and similar platforms?

    What annoys you the most? A missing feature? The way something works? Their pricing? Tell me more about it. We're working on a new tracking platform and we'd love to hear your voice and implement your needs! Let me know!
  14. Susan

    What is your favorite affiliate blog topic?

    Hi! What are your favorite blog topics you usually looking for or would you like to read but is difficult to find valuable information? Let me know your opinion! ;)
  15. Z

    What is AdsBridge Auto Optimization?

    As you may know, the Automatic Campaign Optimization is a unique feature that was first introduced on AdsBridge platform. It’s been launched and running for quite some time, however, we still receive questions like: “What benefits does it give?”, “Why do affiliates need it?”, and “How does it...
  16. Z

    Setting up a Bot Trap in AdsBridge

    Any affiliate would want to get only clean traffic. Unfortunately, the ground truth is that there are still many bots on the Internet that bombard your ad campaigns and spoil figures. And no one wants to pay for the bot traffic, of course! The suggested trap will determine bots by two...
  17. Z

    How To: Affiliate Network setup on AdsBridge

    AdsBridge prepared new case study for our dear affiliates. Share your opinion and experience with us, ask any question and maybe you’ll see yours in our weekly user guide. Explore and develop new skills with AdsBridge, make more money and stay updated all the time. Let’s start with a short...
  18. Susan

    Meet Up Meet clickBakers at the Summit of iGaming Malta 2016!

    Hi All! You are more than welcome to visit our excellent team at upcoming SiGMA 2016! We will be ready to discuss about our mobile web tracker and how you can use it to optimize your online campaigns. Let`s bake your click with tailor-made clickBakers! Looking forward to meeting you there!
  19. Bill Kris

    Some questions about tracking platform

    Hi, I have just started my affiliate network, Coolmobi. I am seeking for a tracking platform with low cost because my budget is limited, and someone has recommended me Offerslook. Is this platform newbie-friendly? Has anyone used this platform before? Are there any other tracking platforms...
  20. Susan

    Halloween promotion from clickBakers tracker!

    Are you ready stand out of line? Take candy from clickBakers and get your 2 months FREE as a special Halloween discount! Sip your favorite drink, sit in your favorite chair and make tracking software clean out all your traffic and increase your conversation rate! It`s so scary good, take your...