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  1. G

    Looking to hire someone from LATAM for research purposes

    Hello everyone! Desperately need your help, guys.. Anyone from LATAM here? Primary interest - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico. Willing to pay for the following: register on websites of our interest (will pm the details); deposit with a LOCAL card in LOCAL currency; make screenshots of the whole flow...
  2. Graybeard

    Can Your Webpage Pass the Blink Test?

    1. Build Pages That Load Quickly 2. Use Attractive Visual Design 3. Start With an Informative Headline That Conveys Your Value Proposition 4. Provide Easy Navigation 5. Use Images That Explain What You Do, and Support Your Copy 6. Provide Content That's Easy to Consume 7. Create a Congruous...
  3. René Wagner

    Cheap untargeted traffic

    hey guys, I need very cheap untargeted traffic to check my tracking tools. I want too look if everything is ok an runs right. Thanks for Our help
  4. Marc

    Your GoT Character in Affiliate Marketing

    A funny test on Clickadu (their official resource thread Official - Clickadu, #47) [hyperlink in the pic!] I'm a Tyrion Lannister :affiliatefix: Not the worst of all possibilities - as long as my revenues are bigger than a dwarf :D
  5. B

    How to test offers if it works or not ?

    Hello guyes I need a free vpn service in wich i can find african and asian countries so i can test the offer if it works or not ! if you have any other way to test offers please let me know !
  6. B

    10000 visitor from popads ! Is it enough ?

    Hello Guyes is 10000 visitor for for mobile is enough to know wheather to stay and optimise this campaign or move to next offer ?
  7. R3DRUM

    How to Identify the Problem for Non Profitable Campaign?

    This is the follow up of my previous thread: How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? Part 2 In this thread, I'm going to give tips on how to identify the problems behind your non-profitable campaigns. What makes up a profitable campaign? Good Offer + Good Creatives(Banners/LPs) +...
  8. Elad Cohen

    How do i run a test on a mobile, app-install, offer?

    Hi! I'm working with Airpush > Voluum > DigitalRaves to run mobile-install offers. Currently, i see impressions and clicks, but have no conversions. i have doubts if my funnel and my offer are indeed working properly. How can i test the funnel and create 1 conversion? Keep in mind that the...