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  1. Zeydoo

    Case Study How a media buyer can get maximum profit with upcoming holidays on Sweepstakes

    The end of fall and up till mid January is the time when people are eager to spend money on themselves and their loved ones. And businesses are more than happy to give them this opportunity with big bonuses and different gifts. Which makes this time perfect for both advertisers and publishers...
  2. Harshit_770

    Seeking Help Promoting CPA offers using Giveaways.

    Hii everyone, 1. How am I supposed to promote giveaway offers on Instagram? I have a way to expose my giveaway to 1 million giveaway/sweepstake interested USA people... But how can I utilitse that?? I need approval before posting and they might not approve my simple " Free paypal giftcard...
  3. J

    Does API integration improves CR?

    Hello guys, I have several questions about API integration for CC submit sweepstakes. I'm seeing that many of the affiliates around assure that working with API makes a big improvement on the CR% of th offers that they run. But i honestly dont know much about this matter. So i would like to...
  4. ben gu

    Dating & Sweepstakes Prelanders

    Hi everyone :) Hope your are doing well ;) Please advice prelander providers. Maybe someone can share his experience creating prelanders for dating and sweepstakes. Thank you in advance :D
  5. B

    Feedback on Sweepstakes offers ?

    Hi, I would like to know if any sweepstakes offers (like Iphone X giveaways) worked or are working for you? What traffic would you target ? Google? Bing? Social Media ? Thanks in advance !
  6. tyoussef

    FREE Sweepstakes Landing Page For CPA Marketers

    hello affiliatefix members :):):) i will give away this landing page. you can see it from here. download link from here this is how to edit the landing page for newbies who don't know How to edit HTML code. don't forget to visit to get more landing pages. any questions...