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  1. Emma Natifico

    Hello everyone! Collaboration with new Telegram Chat

    In this chat, we're going to share information about marketing news, successful cases and information about offers from different verticals. You can write in our chat, share your success cases (or not) ask questions, and get to know more about Affiliate Business and e-Meet new people. That is...
  2. Claire Harbour

    [TIP] Prequalify leads through Facebook ads

    Tip for affiliates promoting verticals that require specific criteria to be met in order for leads to be accepted i.e country, amount, brand, date etc. Make use of carousels in your Facebook Ads! Ask a question that's related to the criteria and display accepted options as slides. Doing this...
  3. S

    Marketing and seo expert

    Hi all im a marketing expert that manage several activities around the world. Mainly i work with the gambling industry to promote their products. With more than 10 years experience in the industry i link between affiliates and different online industries, as well as offering services to both...
  4. H


    Hi, i'm Darl, i love social media internet marketing. I was told this is one of the best place to do that.
  5. evomarketplace

    Buying Leads US/CA Nutra Free trials

    Hello guys ! EvoLeads is looking for DIRECT PUBS to promote our nutra products for US and CA - Highest payouts guaranteed, weekly payments (even daily with volume), and unlimited cap - Products available: garcinia, skin, diet, cleanse, male enhancement, brain booster, booty and bust enhancement...
  6. Aida

    Review Im buying traffic from direct publishers!CPM/Revshare

    If you have your site and it's really impressive, you have a good number of visitors. We are currently looking for new sources of social traffic, especially from social sites and your site fits best for it! Fixed CPM or RevShare. How much do you want for it? Looking Super Publishers!=) Join...
  7. Andrey Adsbalance

    Review Top 10 Direct Advertisers for Facebook Traffic?

    Hello everyone and have a pleasant day! I surf through all over the Affiliatefix and found so many good products to run. But how to realize which one performs better on Facebook traffic? Which company is more stable? Let's figure out The Top 10 Direct Advertisers (no rebrokering) for Facebook...
  8. Circulation.Tube

    Expierence with Instagram tool from FollowLiker

    Hi everyone! Few days back i set up Follower Liker Twitter and i must say i'm impressed by its good job! i need to do a lot of testing to get the perfect setup but i got the time :) Few weeks back i also set up Instagram through Instagress ... i set up 20 accounts and i got 17 banned... Just...
  9. A

    social media channel is best for Traffic ?

    Hy Friends i want to increase my website traffic can you tell me which social media channel is best for my website,
  10. UdaySajib

    Facebook Auto Group Posting

    Hi, I want to know which facebook auto group posting software is the best for doing facebook auto group posting? Or any script?
  11. MrPRinson

    Building a wicked fb group

    hey guys just ran into this article. had to share it How [and Why] to Build a Booming Facebook group - by moz
  12. MrPRinson

    What social media site works best?

    Out of all the major social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect). Which one would you say has done the best to gain you members?
  13. azgold

    The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It

    This morning, as I was scanning the news online, I happened upon an article by Jeff Bullas, titled, The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It Bullas begins by talking about the 'old' days of social media, "This was global and virtual connections at scale." He then...
  14. B

    New to social - how to get shares?

    Hi Guy's, Not sure if anyone can help - I do a lot in the email space but am looking to grow my social across Facebook (and maybe instagram). I've seen people getting upwards of 40k shares!! How’s this possible? Any help's appreciated!
  15. Miklos Kocsmaros

    Hey, I'm Chinchinchong :)

    Hey everyone, It's Miklos here aka Chinchinchong, I am a total newbie, interested in topics such as... affiliate marketing - using amazon and other brand's affiliate programs SEO using Social Media accounts - pinterest, twitter, facebook, soundcloud, etc. Google AdWords & Google Analytics...