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  1. A

    Which method is right for selling a product?

    Hi, I am very inexperienced, and I want to make a sale. What method do you suggest to get results quickly?
  2. Make Money With CPA

    Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks?

    Hello Everyone? Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks? as an Advertiser? for example, i choose the offer from MaxBounty and promote my CPA offer to CPAbuild? as an Advertiser? can i do that? is this allow? Thanks
  3. R


    What are the best and effective ways to promote an affiliate product through link? Instead of old ways like YouTube, Instagram, through websites/blogging. What are you creative ways?
  4. J

    Sales in Affiliate Marketing

    Hi All, I am fairly new to this, I have been promoting various products including online courses, Software products on offer. I have done social media marketing, websites, youtube channel, Email marketing. I have had 13k of Traffic however no sales. Wanted to know what are some successful ways...
  5. S

    Advice on how to promote Clickbank Products in Facebook

    Hi All, I am new to Affiliate Marketing and want to understand some fundamentals of how to promote ClickBank Products on Facebook. For Example: If I want to promote John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Program in Facebook, can I create ads and post them in groups directly which are interested in...
  6. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Regarding CPI offers (Cost per install)

    Hello affiliatefixers :) I was wondering if you can suggest a network & Ad networks which support incentive mobile CPI (cost per install) offers, as I think it would be great to start with, I mean, I might go pick an offer with a $1.50/install payout incentive Geo targeted, and go to an ad...
  7. Mary Le

    Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Product

    I would like to know, are there any other ways to promote affiliate products beside my own website - in case if there is no much traffic or no traffic at all to my website.