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  1. S

    PowerMTA Settings Advice

    Hi guys! I am new on this forum, but I have been reading some threads once in a while and looks like a good place to get some advice and tips for Email Marketing. I am currently setting up my PowerMTA config for my mail server. But I am a bit unsure about the domain macro, <mx-rollup-list> and...
  2. H


    hello I'm trying to use smtp relay through a VPS but unfortuantly it gives me this error message in Power MTA can someone please help SMTP service unavailable: STARTTLS required but failed: SSL error: 140140620564224:error:1411809D:SSL routines:SSL_CHECK_SERVERHELLO_TLSEXT:tls invalid...
  3. S

    Have SMTP Server & Want to Warm up Your IPs?

    Hi Fixers, Most of you maybe have tried to set up a mailing server, but the problem is always the same not matter how bigger your Data is... without appropriately warming up your IPs your email will always land into SPAM folder. to avoid that I have a great idea to solve this problem. the idea...
  4. walidbangad

    Install Power MTA with mailwizz ana rotated IPs - advice please!

    Hello I'm a newbie in email marketing. I have a massive list, and I have a product to sell. I've used Cpanel web mail (round cube), but Ididn't reach thedelivrabilty of my emails, a lot emails have been rejected. If a use powermta and mailwizz with the rotated IPs on a dedicated service, can I...
  5. N

    Need help in PowerMTA

    Hello all ! this is my first post in this forum, i have read so many interesting threads and i'm willing to contribute soon, but now i'm having an issue with PowerMTA i have installed it in a vps and it doesn't seem working while sending, i get this message : Connection attempt failed, status =...
  6. N

    New to Email Marketing

    Hello all ! i am new to Email Marketing and i'm about to start an SMTP server for my own, i have a licensed PowerMTA, what i'm trying to do is setting up my own SMTP server, i'm willing to rent a VPS from TransIP and start with a single ip and test the whole set up, i mean installing powermta...
  7. shanePMTA

    pwerMTA setup (SMTP)

    We are bulk email services, powerMTA + interspire.