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  1. Honeybadger

    Wordpress Plugins & PHP8 for Affiliates

    PHP8 is rolling out across the world some WP plugins are PHP8 compliant some WP plugins are not PHP8 compliant and they break WP websites --> easy way to check if plugin is PHP8 compliant? otherwise I gotta send loadsa emails
  2. Honeybadger

    Which version of PHP are you using?

    Certain Wordpress plug-ins only work with the latest PHP version then it is a good idea to update your PHP for security also Have you done this?
  3. Honeybadger

    Should I update PHP for Wordpress?

    "This plugin doesn’t work with your version of PHP" Learn more about updating PHP I understand the benefits of updating PHP to the latest version but what can go wrong? in your experience
  4. Aditya007

    [Introduction] Hey there...

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I'm Aditya from New Delhi, India. I've been into affiliate marketing since 2013, I started my journey with content lockers back then. I gradually moved to adult marketing using my social media traffic. I eventually had to stop when it became harder...
  5. kderow

    Host PHP Based Landing Page on AWS

    Hello everyone! So right now I have my static websites hosted on AWS (Route 53 > Cloudfront > S3) and it works pretty well. Now I have some other landing pages that require PHP and I would need to host them too, but it's impossible without an EC2 instance. So I would like to know your opinion...
  6. craig88

    PHP Code Help Needed - Adcombo

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do an API intergration so that my webpage sends a customers details directly to the network so they can then follow up with the order. But I'm struggling with PHP code not being correct. This is the help URL which they have provided: Incoming orders API - AdCombo Docs -...
  7. joelbarish

    Software Engineer to help you grow your business

    Hi everyone! I am Joel, software engineer from Eastern Europe. For a last couple of years i've been working closely with US based guy who was making a reasonable money on affiliate and sms marketing. So my main responsibilities were to transform/improve his ideas and create a software based on...
  8. EasyJames

    Super relevant landing pages for PPC

    Hi All I am currently designing a process that will make my advert -> lander texts super relevant. My understanding is the more relevant and congruent we can get the advert-lander experience. The better the signups. More than "are you looking for {keyword}". More phrases and actions that are...
  9. S

    Need Help With CPAGrip php rss feed script

    As of today I have joined cpagrip to monetize my android app but for know I came to a problem I am using a php script to load offers from cpagrip this works great for text based links and thumbnail links but I don't know how to filter the cpagrip offers inside the php script for a certain offer...
  10. MartinPHP

    php developer going affiliate

    Hi, I am building professional websites and php applications for more than 10 years now. I can build about anything in php from simple data collectors and processors to complete API's. I made good money with it, but it is also hard work, it still is. That is why I want to generate income more...
  11. T

    Selling TokenApp Mobile GPT App and Script

    Sale closed. Thread can be deleted.
  12. Sashoy

    I need help with PHP script installing on my site

    Hello there, I purchased some GPT script from seoclerks (the guys who sold it to me didn`t installed it right), so I will need someone with experience in php to test it if its working, and eventually to install it on my site and I hope everything will run smoothly.