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  1. Zeydoo

    Official Gear-Up: get the 7% of your profit increase for increasing traffic volume

    Zeydoo is starting the new season with this Promo to help you boost your profit. No special effort needed, just increase your traffic volume and get the 7% of the profit increase! In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to calculate your profit and bonus. The Promo will be live...
  2. ramonjosegn

    What does CC mean?

    Hi, I am spanish, and the I am not sure in the Resources Tool what mean CC for payments? Can you explain? Thaks
  3. publimobinetwork

    PubliMobi CPA NETWORK Payment Proof

    PubliMobi is a company who pays weekly with a minimum of payment of 50 dollars is incredible to obtain this income so rapidly and to receive your money by means of a form of payment paypal payoneer or transfers bank
  4. ramonjosegn

    Which companies pay with payoneer?

    Hello, I'm finding out about advertising / affiliate companies that pay with Payoneer Which do you know? Could you tell me Thank you
  5. A

    PAYMENT GATEWAY and E-wallet

    Hi, My name is Azriel and I am the owner of a payment gateway and an e-wallet. I would like to offer our payment gateway services to the e-commerce community. I truly believe that our gateway is in the top tier of payment providers and therefore looking for affiliates that will contribute to...
  6. Make Money With CPA

    CPAlead Stop My Payment | 4 Month Ago CPAlead Stop My Payment He Didn't Sent Me So far

    Hello Everyone and all Respected Affiliatefix Administrators My English is not so good CPAlead did not give me my payment 4th Month ago CPAlead stop my payment and every month CPAlead issue my Payment through the next month Date but not give me and he said we verified your traffic i wait one...
  7. lidoff

    Do you received payments from ClickBank ?

    I do not get payments for 2 weeks. today received a mail from ClickBank: Shannel Stinner (ClickBank) Aug 23, 15:47 MDT Hello Lidoff, Thank you for your inquiry! ClickBank is committed to fighting fraud and spam. In an attempt to take action against affiliate fraud, your account was...