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  1. Anandpatel

    Seeking Help Just Launched an Affiliate Program, not sure how to get good niche Affiliates!

    Hello everyone, We've just launched our Affiliation Program and are looking to promote it and invite as many affiliates as we can. What should I do to promote it effectively? I don't have a general audience like web hosting, but my audience is mostly composed of front-end developers and...
  2. Dylan-Eco

    Official Promote Waterdrop New Product and Earn an Extra $5000 a Month

    Waterdrop will launch a RO Water Cooler Dispenser named Waterdrop A1, combining cooling, heating, and purification functions. what you will get from promoting Waterdrop's new products: We offer high commission rates of 15% for this product in the first 3 months. Timely commission payments...
  3. mrfanchtastic

    Affiliates Wanted Backendless - Established SaaS App Development Platform - 50% commission

    Backendless is looking for tech-minded affiliates to join our brand new affiliate program. Backendless is a cloud-based visual app development platform. We offer no-code (aka codeless) and low-code development tools for building mobile apps, web apps, websites, automations and integrations. No...
  4. nareshsbc

    Thank you for having me here

    This is Naresh from India. I have good experience in running online marketing campaigns . Looking forward for good affiliate programs and in making good money and great friends too. Thank you.
  5. GeorgiaStamp

    Hi everyone, would like to introduce myself as a new affiliate manager!

    As the thread title states, I would like to introduce myself as the new affiliate manager at Paddock Media, we're currently on the look out for affiliates to promote UK flight claims. Please let me know if you're interested!
  6. Edward the video animator

    Why clickBank is Terminated new registrations?

    Hi there guys, i am trying to get a click bank account but they are sleeping i think as i tried to create an account but they have setuped a default rejecting system i think no one can create an account on click bank now. Tell me if anyone of you guys can help me?
  7. Mulyadi

    I just joined this great forum

    I just joined this great forum and am very happy to join the great people here. of course I will learn a lot here and hopefully members of old and experienced in here do not mind.
  8. Eric hunter

    How to build my affiliate program from zero in the Best Way?!

    I just posted a new thread in the introduction section, but I can't wait so.... I got my new job as an affiliate manager, and this time I built from zero the entire Affiliate Program of a working company. I already did every thing and I have new affiliates that already working, sending traffic...
  9. Eric hunter

    Hi! Happy that I found this place- Just Started to work as an Affiliate Manager

    Hi everyone! I just started my first full-time job as an Affiliate Manager. I love that job because I'm learning so much every day about Online Marketing, and of course, hope to get better and better. Besides that, I'm sure I will be able to contribute from time to time. One question tho...
  10. Liean070

    I want join peerfly please

    Hi I want to join peerfly..but I don't have another network earning proof. I am newbie. anybody help me please.. Thank you
  11. Waheed Afolabi

    I am New here...what are things required of me?

    Hello, friends! I am Waheed and a new member of AffiliateFix! I hope to make a living from affiliate and network marketing. I am certain there are capable hands to guide me through earning through affiliate marketing and I will be glad if anyone will be a guide for me! Thank you for accepting...
  12. Evan Forsyth

    New to Affiliate Marketing, but not new to Website building.

    Hey guys I have some background in website building and want to use it to create a great affiliate site for an amazon product. I know I'm asking a lot but could I get some pointers and suggestions for what product/s to target with this new campaign. Thankyou in Advance -Eblocc
  13. M

    Okay so I'm the Newbie!

    Hello! I'm glad to be here. Please don't be strangers! :)
  14. CoolSpot

    Banner Ad Sizes

    Hey guys, I am setting up an affiliate program for my new site. Just wanted to get some input from you guys on your most used banner sizes so I can get some made up. Shortly I am going to be looking to recruit affiliates onto the program. The commission structure is set as follows: Group...