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Affiliates Wanted Backendless - Established SaaS App Development Platform - 50% commission


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Backendless is looking for tech-minded affiliates to join our brand new affiliate program. Backendless is a cloud-based visual app development platform. We offer no-code (aka codeless) and low-code development tools for building mobile apps, web apps, websites, automations and integrations.

No tech/coding experience required!

Members earn a 50% commission on all referred users' Cloud purchases (subscription plans and recurring marketplace purchases included) and can offer an affiliate-exclusive discount code to their audience.

Visit this link to view a basic overview and sign up or this link to get more details about the program.

Backendless is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business. We offer a cloud-based service as well as on-premises software for users seeking to host their application on their own servers.

Features include:
  • Full mobile and web app development and hosting
  • Free app templates
  • Codeless logic builder
  • Visual UI Builder
  • API development and hosting
  • Serverless hosting
  • Visual real-time database
  • User authentication and management
  • Push notifications and messaging
Backendless supports users around the globe. As such, we are seeking affiliates in all localities. Apply today, receive approval in 24 hours or less!


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