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  1. V


    This is vincentontop, am easy and fun to be with. I'm in this community to learn various ways of making money online especially the affiliate marketing.
  2. Mohiuzzaman

    New Affiliate Marketer

    I am excited to join this amazing AffiliateFix family! Lots of guideline and resource I have found in this friendly forum. I found AffiliateFix is one of the best and friendliest affiliate marketing forum in the world. I am enjoying this. Hope I will learn more from this affiliate marketing...
  3. TylerSplash

    Looking For JV - Your Traffic + My CPA Website = $$$$

    I tried running a small test on my CPA site with organic traffic from facebook and got 290 clicks which resulted in 19 conversions . I was amazed by the results and made decent money , so I thought of scaling it up ! I am looking for people who can get me traffic as follows : Country : USA...
  4. Eric hunter

    :)Recruting New Affiliates To Canadian Immigration Services Company

    Hi! My name is Eric, Affiliate Manager of ItsCanadaTime. Our product is the smartest Immigration System On The Internet, and our clients get full cover services in order to help them reach to Canada safely. We have one of the highest commission plans in the industry that for sure. We pay per...
  5. Tusohian

    Just Got A Payment From Best Change

    Hey guys just got my payment of 1.04$ from BestChange. Here is the link bellow to the website : Here is (My Referral Link) or Here is (Non Referral Link). Here is my payment proof bellow.
  6. L

    Help Request

    HI Someone tell me how these sites work please . Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur Best Affiliate Programs | Top Premier Internet Retailer | Clickbank Make money online - RapidWorkers

    Cool method to earn money by having a website/blog.

    IMPORTANT: All you need is website/blog with gaming traffic or any website can be. This method is easy and simple many ppl use g2a for buying games, keys etc. G2A Goldmine is an innovative system to make money. It has been linked to G2A.COM - the leading platform for selling games and software...
  8. Chris Porter

    6K IN 11 DAYS!!!!

    I wanted to share this with everyone to show that it can be done! This is my commission for the month of October so far. A little over 6k in 11 days! I would like to share what I do in order to generate this amount of money. Once you do this you can live the dream and kick your feet up and...
  9. Chris Porter

    Do you generate Income from you're signature?

    I was wondering if anyone is using a signature in their forums to generate a flow of cash. I have never really tried out this method of traffic, but I believe it could be very profitable. Let me know you're thoughts!