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  1. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Search me on youtube : masudbcl and kindly check the stats.

    Hello Youtubers Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Let it know that I got monetization approval on 6th January 2021. Today is 40th day. Kindly check the screenshot with attachment. I hope you will give me the suggessions about my youtube channel views increase. Search Youtube...
  2. Md. Masudul Hasan

    My youtube journey to get monetization approval.

    Hello Friends and every one Hope you are all well. I have a very much good news. I got youtube monetization approval. Search me on youtube: masudbcl I was learning youtube SEO for the last 13 months. After 12 months I have decided to make my videos popular. Some community helped me a lot and...
  3. kenaki

    Buying Traffic Check Out What's Hot in Monetizer!

    Hey guys! Check out our trending segments. If you don't have an account already sign up here!
  4. kenaki

    Buying Traffic Monetizer's Top Segments!

    Hey guys! Check out our trending segments. If you don't have an account already sign up here!
  5. kenaki

    What were you doing before affiliate marketing?

    Let me just start by saying I wasn't sure wether or not to put this in success stories or in general discussions. But as this is a general question to you guys and it'd be great if it could start a nice inspiring conversation between us all, I decided to post it in here. So with the 1 year mark...
  6. Gibster

    Monetizer: no support/can we get an account manager?

    Hi there, I believe Monetizer has a presence in this forum. We have been working with Monetizer for almost a year now and increasing our numbers with them every month (over $14K in Feb and nearly $25K in March so far). It's been quite difficult to get in touch with someone there so far, and...
  7. kenaki

    Quality vs Quantity

    So I've got to admit, up to now I've been targeting cheap geos, with massive volume, for instance Thailand, Brazil, India, with high converting, low paying offers. This has been working pretty well for me which makes it even harder to consider switching to better quality (more expensive) geos...
  8. kenaki

    Mastermind Groups. Good or Bad?

    I've heard a lot of different things about mastermind groups, good and bad, but just thought I would ask for another point of view, anybody in one, or been in one, or even interested in joining one? Pros and cons if you will please :)
  9. kenaki

    5K in second month

    So initially I wasn't going to write this as a lot of affiliates are doing this in a week or even in a day, but after telling a few people about this only being my second month, apparently its pretty impressive. To clear a few things up, $5771 in revenue, I spent just over 2500 on the campaign...
  10. kenaki

    How to Use Monetizer

    This is a quick guide on how to use Monetizer. Full disclosure, I work at Monetizer, so I will ensure this is just a tutorial of how to use it, and how to get the best out of it, and not a review. That being said, I have been using the system since before I worked for the company, and continue...