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What were you doing before affiliate marketing?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by kenaki, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. kenaki

    kenaki Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Let me just start by saying I wasn't sure wether or not to put this in success stories or in general discussions. But as this is a general question to you guys and it'd be great if it could start a nice inspiring conversation between us all, I decided to post it in here.

    So with the 1 year mark fast approaching I've recently been looking back at things like photos and facebook memories of exactly where I was 1 year ago, and contemplating where I would be now had I not been introduced to affiliate marketing.

    So 1 year ago I was delivering parcels for a company called DHL on minimum wage. I would deliver to places like Goldsmiths, and see their beautiful watches that would have cost me 3 months wages, and places like Mercedes where I'd drool over the cars that I had long accepted I would never be able to afford, as well as delivering to absolutely huge houses that were so far out of my reach I couldn't quite comprehend there were people out there who could actually afford to live in such a place.

    Well almost one year ago I was introduced to the beautiful world of affiliate marketing, within 2 months I walked into the very same Goldsmiths and bought the watch that used to catch my eye every time I delivered there (and the sales person I bought it from couldn't quite comprehend how I went from delivering to him to buying from him), within 3 months I had the exact Mercedes I used to dream of owning sat in a special little room with my name on it, I can't quite describe the feeling of driving away the car of your dreams, especially when your dreams are the only place you believed it could exist. Between then and now I've lived a life I never assumed I would, mainly not having to worry about debt, or bills, or having to check the bank balance at the end of the week, and right now I'm currently looking to buy my first house, something that a year ago seemed would be a mere impossibility through out my entire life time.

    All the material things are great, of course they are, but the main difference in my life right now is the amount of free time I have, to spend with my family, I used to wake up at 5AM, go straight to work and get back home for 8PM, so naturally the only time I saw my kids (awake) was at weekends, which was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Now I wake up with my kids every day, we have breakfast together, I take them to school, I get to spend precious time with my partner (soon to be wife thanks to AM) before heading down to the office for a few hours, no heavy lifting, no mindless, repetitive work, I actually get to stimulate my brain for a few hours and make a healthy living doing so, I have time to hit the gym daily (haven't been this healthy since I was 18, I'm now 27!) and I get to put my kids to bed every single night, which is literally THE most valuable thing affiliate marketing has given me.

    So my question to you is, what were you doing before you discovered affiliate marketing, and how different would your life be now?

    Me? I'd still be a delivery driver, the same I was for the 9 years prior to this, struggling to pay the bills, struggling to squeeze in time with my family, struggling to remain healthy, dreaming of a better life.

    Can't wait to hear your stories ;)
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