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  1. Nongmaithem Archna

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Mobile Traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for mobile traffic for app installs, games etc., all geos. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested. Skype: nong.devi
  2. Rob32

    Where can I find a high-quality mobile traffic?

    Hi guys! I am struggling with one thing for around 2 weeks. Can anyone give me an advice on how to find a good quality mobile traffic? Thanks!
  3. MrTwister

    Ask Me Anything Truth about mobile affiliate networks

    Greetings fellows! I do not want to cross-post from the Intro thread of this forum. You can check more details here In brief: i am working in a mobile ad company. We generate installs for various mobile games and apps. I've worked with all major mobile affiliate networks (Avazu, Applift...
  4. MrTwister

    Greetings fellows!

    Howdy folks? Nice to meet you all! Let me introduce myself. My name's MrTwister but you can call me Mister. For over two years I've been working in a mobile marketing industry, in a company that is providing a lot of installs (CPI/CPA) for various iOS and Android games and apps. I've worked with...
  5. Michael Cocan

    Mobile VS. Native VS. PPC VS. WTF?

    Would mobile be a more affordable route to take rather than native or PPC to get started? I have a good understanding of everything as a whole but looking to focus in now on a particular traffic source and vertical... What traffic sources, offer types etc... I'm open to hearing your thoughts...
  6. proflex

    Mobicow coupon needed

    Hello Guys I would like coupon to use it in my first registration at Thanks in advance
  7. Affiliateaspirant

    Mobile App Offers

    Hello Everybody, I am new here, doing good in adult niche but I want to learn and start with mobile apps CPI offers. But don't know how to start and what are good traffic networks. Please help me if you have done that before. Thanks
  8. dkomso

    Suggestions on Media Buy Sources

    Hi Attila, It is gr8 to have people like you advising so will be a gr8 help . Would you mind suggesting good sources for mobile campaigns for media buyers to start. Rtb n pop both. Thanx in advance. Look forward to your revert
  9. medvih

    Mobile traffic sources to get starter

    Hello Guys, I would like to know from what are good mobile traffic sources for CPI (games, utility, social apps etc...) and Sweepstakes/Vouchers? I would like to invest a couple hundred dollars then scale it to a few thousands. I am ready to use up to 5000 dollars in order to buy data to...