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Mobile traffic sources to get starter

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by medvih, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. medvih

    medvih Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Guys,

    I would like to know from what are good mobile traffic sources for CPI (games, utility, social apps etc...) and Sweepstakes/Vouchers?

    I would like to invest a couple hundred dollars then scale it to a few thousands. I am ready to use up to 5000 dollars in order to buy data to find a profitable campaign.

    Let me know please.

    Thank you,
  2. terraleads
  3. TheFennex

    TheFennex Affiliate affiliate

    Take a look at this, Conversions from Mobile traffic . CMA is giving precious infos about mobile marketing
    And don't forget to download his Free Mobile immersion 101 eBook
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  4. ppcnewbie

    ppcnewbie Affiliate affiliate

    Agree, that thread is pure GOLD. I've learned a lot from CMA's threads, follow-alongs and blog and it's definitely worth reading everything he posted here on the forum, but especially that thread.

    Honestly, the best way to get this info is to go through that thread and read his Mobile Immersion 101 book yourself. You'll find out much more than just what traffic sources to use. You'll learn about landers and optimization and stuff, which you should also know right when you start you 1st campaign.

    If you're looking for a short answer, ZeroPark seems to be the most recommended pop traffic source to get started with CPI and vouchers/sweeps. Lots of volume, easy to use, good traffic. At least this is what I'll use when I'll start my campaign.

    Then you might consider using AdCash, PopCash, PopAds. I saw some good and bad impressions about them, but what I noticed is that lots of sweeps offers that are promoted for months and still are currently promoted, use them. This means those affiliates are making money there as well. They seem not to be good for starters, either because they require bigger budget or have different targeting options, but looks like for scaling they're a great choice.

    Regarding display traffic, it could also work well for CPI/sweeps/vouchers, CMA and even Charles Ngo recommend airpush, but lately I've seen some bad reviews of this network, many complain they had up to 50% bot traffic ?!? Not sure if it's true or not, but there were many guys complaining about this.

    Also, they are more strict with banner approval, and another not-so-cool thing I've read about them is that they will spend more than you set as daily budget. I have no idea how this happens or why, but if I set $30 daily budget, I expect it to use maximum this budget, or less if my bids are too low.

    Anyway, this is from what I've read. Consider going through CMA's thread mentioned earlier, use a pad and a pen or a Word doc to write down all the interesting inf you'll find there and I'm sure this will offer you a good competitive advantage over those who start with no idea where to begin.
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  5. medvih

    medvih Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot TheFennex and Hi, I am new in here and will be contributing back as soon as I can get things rolling by starting a follow along journey.
  6. ppcnewbie

    ppcnewbie Affiliate affiliate

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
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  7. yesuplizard

    yesuplizard Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Meshbean provides different packages for CPI Traffic. Here is the link for our packages:
    Mobile App Installs
    Let me know if you need more information.


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