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  1. RyanOak

    Journey to $10.000+ per month with Native Ads

    Hello, I decided to open my Journey thread to help others and get help from you guys. And hope it will motivate myself and others as well. A bit of my background you can read on my Success Stories and Bragging thread. I first heard about native ads 2 years ago from this guy. I wanted to try...
  2. Sufian Shahid

    MGID native advertisement + Maxbounty + Dating Camping

    I have joined this forum about 20 minutes ago. I was very exited to run ads on MGID as i got positive responses from all of the people i asked about MGID ads performances. Ran some ads yesterday, ads approved within 24 hours. As i don't have that HI-FI knowledge of optimising the ads, i was...
  3. TheOptimizer

    Review Native Advertising 2019: The Year in Review

    Over the year that we just left behind, many advertising agencies and affiliate marketers expressed great interest towards native advertising. With over 1M+ live campaigns, 2019 marked another successful year for this ad format. Obviously, traffic diversification needs and the buying power...
  4. rrgdigital

    Native Ads - Who’s making money With Native

    I’m new to this forum and I’m going to track my journey doing native advertising. I want to know who’s making money with native, the tracker that you’re using (I’m going to redtrack), your traffic network (I’m going to start with MGID). My goal is to at least make my investment back the...
  5. M

    How long does it take for MGID and Revcontent to approve ads

    Hi all, was wondering how many days it takes most people to get their ads on either MGID or revcontent approved or disapproved? Been a few days and it still says in moderation. Thanks.
  6. scroogefrog

    Free Tracker with autoban of BOTS

    Our tracker ScroogeFrog will show you detailed statistics about all incoming traffic and non-effective sources. Also you will see IPs of all frauds and bots and you want you can ban them automatically. So it will help you to save up to 90% of your advertising budget by removing non-effective...
  7. klop

    question about Mgid network

    Hello does Mgid accept direct linking ? or i have to create a landing page! thanks in advance
  8. klop

    i'm asking about Mgid

    Hello everyone i have registred at mgid fews days ago , and i have created one campaigns with 3 ads , and i'm asking how much time they take for approving ads and they accept direct linking ? or i have to create a Landing page. Thank you ( sorry for my english )