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  1. Graybeard

    Google Says Links Are Not Important

    I keep tellin' ya --links are mostly "Urban Legend" by today's standards. >>>``... Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed at a recent search marketing conference that Google needs very few links, adding to the growing body of...
  2. The Gent

    Looking for Adult Link Exchange

    Hello there, My site is at 1 - 2k day traffic at this moment and I'm looking for a fellow adult webmaster who is interested in exchanging links if you are that fellow doesn't hesitate to leave me a PM Best REGARD guys
  3. carlasimmons86

    Are PBNs a black-hat SEO techinque?

    I have heard from some SEO experts that PBN's are bad and can seriously damage your website, whether many others are using it say that it works. So, what is your opinion? Share here.
  4. Mrcheaply

    How Can I Make One Button To Open Two Links?

    Please can anyone explain how I can make a CTA button on my landing page (when clicked) to open the target offer page in a new tab, but also open another lander in the SAME tab as the first lander? Anyone, please?
  5. A

    Does YouTube allow small channels to post affiliate links?

    Does anyone know if YouTube allows small channels (with less than 1,000 subscribers needed to apply for monetization) to post affiliate links in the video description areas and to promote affiliate products? (Say for example the channel has 100 views, 10 min of watch-time, and 1 subscriber.)
  6. S

    Trading Link Exchange anyone?

    looking to exchange links with hobby websites, I am listed on teh first page of major search engines and so if anyone wants to exchange, let me know.
  7. IsaiahTJ

    Why Affiliate links Are Not Going To Correct Offer?

    I have a question about the affiliate links, when I went to visit the affiliate link, it showed a different offer from the offer I planned to promote. I wanted to know why this is? I just wanted to make sure the affiliate link goes to the correct offer. Even non dynamic links do this. I...
  8. Myriem91

    Help needed: AFFLOW

    hello, I am a newbie and would like to get started with simple arbitrage. I've actually got approved on Afflow but still cannot start my first campaign as I didn't find the links option when I click on campaigns. am i doing something wrong? any help would be apreciated. Thank you in advance
  9. FrancisAdams

    Newbie from India seeking answers to queries

    I have bought two domains on, which I plan to monetize through Affiliate Marketing. I have yet to to start writing or creating content for them. I have several queries before i start. 1) Are there good affiliate marketing opportunities available that provide and offer you ads /...
  10. P

    Monitor clicks on outgoing links

    Hello guys, I am looking for a way to track links that a user clicks, which are outgoing links. I would like to measure the effectiveness of certain products on my website. Any suggestions how to implement this?
  11. David Hoch

    Buying I looking to buy some Russian links...Anyone have connection to links builder ?

    Hey guys, I looking to buy some Russian links...Anyone have connection to links builder ? Thank you in advance!