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  1. Nizar Ali

    Are you an influencer, live streamer or Youtuber?

    Hey Guys! I am looking to connect with Influencers, Live Streamers, and YouTubers for the following categories: - Tech - Gaming - LifeStyle - Deals (Specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday) - How To's and Unboxing - Sports - Streaming - Crypto Just say 'Aye' in the comment!
  2. RaeeA

    NeWants Elite Members Program - Not Your Typical Affiliate Group

    Hello! My name is Raee and I’m currently an affiliate member for NeWants, a new tech start-up funded by Bluefly. NeWants is an e-commerce startup that offers the best-selling tech gadgets and lifestyle products on the market at the lowest prices. By using crowdfunding, NeWants decentralizes...
  3. L

    Looking for affiliate partners to join our LEETCHI Affiliate Program

    Hi, Glad to join you all! I'm Kasia and I manage affiliate Program in the UK. I'm looking for partners to join our Affiliate Program and promote our service. affiliation (dot) leetchi (dot) com/en About is the leading European crowdfunding and fundraising...
  4. A

    I'm going to change everything

    Place to reflection... First of all - why I'm here. Not for you. I don't care about does it really have readers or not. I'm here for myself. I just need the place where I can be myself without any kind of judges and any guys who knows me. So, first of all - why I'm here. I'm here because I...
  5. Yussef

    Super Affiliate Fear!

    First things first. This is a "fun" thread and not to be taken too seriously so I do not need a lecture about frugality or humility. I get it. With that out of way, my question to any all successful affiliates that may or may not read this and it's one that really perplexes me but: Why do so...