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  1. editory

    Adult journey to 5000 usd per month

    Hello friends! English is not my native language, sorry for the future mistakes. In affiliate marketing over 4 months, all that time I spent on learning... Target: 5000 usd per Month or 160 usd per Day Niche: Adult(cam/paysites) - Pops, banners Tracker: Voluum (already purchased) Spy...
  2. DK-OMS

    Should I use a LP?

    Hey Folks, I am just about to launch my first campaign: Traffic: Mobile Offer: Video-Subscription Geo: Tier2 Actually, I always had in mind to create a landingpage. But for this offer I doubt. It is just about a video subscription... not sure whether a lp would help or even disturb the...
  3. Azt3c

    How to use CONTENT LOCKER+Landing Page[OGADS]Help!

    I am confused ..I am trying to promote 'get free iphone and xbox' offers on instagram. I have read a lot of posts and yes I have read @game333 's post too. Can someone tell me what to do step by step? I already have made a content locker on OGads. And I've seen videos on YT where the guy tells...
  4. shivendra

    Confused in Affiliate link,LP,Direct link.How to use them ?

    I am really confused in some basic things.Please try to explain me.I am not able to figure it out :( How to use them? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet here is CPAlead account in pic there my personal aff link.So how can i use it. is it like I need to create a LP and...