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  1. CPV Lab Pro

    Tutorial URL Params for Wordpress tutorial

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share here a new tutorial shared by one of our users regarding the usage of URL Params plugin in your WordPress landing pages to use dynamic insertion. It is a step by step guide for which we have to thank one of our awesome users! :) Check here the tutorial on how to...
  2. editory

    Adult journey to 5000 usd per month

    Hello friends! English is not my native language, sorry for the future mistakes. In affiliate marketing over 4 months, all that time I spent on learning... Target: 5000 usd per Month or 160 usd per Day Niche: Adult(cam/paysites) - Pops, banners Tracker: Voluum (already purchased) Spy...
  3. DK-OMS

    Should I use a LP?

    Hey Folks, I am just about to launch my first campaign: Traffic: Mobile Offer: Video-Subscription Geo: Tier2 Actually, I always had in mind to create a landingpage. But for this offer I doubt. It is just about a video subscription... not sure whether a lp would help or even disturb the...
  4. Azt3c

    How to use CONTENT LOCKER+Landing Page[OGADS]Help!

    I am confused ..I am trying to promote 'get free iphone and xbox' offers on instagram. I have read a lot of posts and yes I have read @game333 's post too. Can someone tell me what to do step by step? I already have made a content locker on OGads. And I've seen videos on YT where the guy tells...
  5. shivendra

    Confused in Affiliate link,LP,Direct link.How to use them ?

    I am really confused in some basic things.Please try to explain me.I am not able to figure it out :( How to use them? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet here is CPAlead account in pic there my personal aff link.So how can i use it. is it like I need to create a LP and...