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  1. N

    Multistep landing page tracking in Voluum with basic plan

    Hi, I am trying to set up tracking in Voluum for dating cpa offer. I made landing pages with few simple questions are you over 18 etc before directing them to the offer. Now I don't know how to setup tracking in Voluum for this because there are few pages between the first landing page and the...
  2. B

    Are you looking for your Landing Pages to be cleaned

    Hey Guys, i have started a service to clean landing pages for Affiliates starting $15/landers. I am an Affiliate but negative ROI make me stopped running camps so i have started this service to gain some capital so i can run campaigns again. I can also RIP landing pages from spytools like i...
  3. R

    Dynamic Insertion Question - Does city or state work better?

    When it comes to dynamic insertion of a city or state in a headline, what have you had the most success with? Using city or the state? Looking forward to hearing about it. Thanks as always!
  4. M

    Images for landing pages

    Hi All, Can I use "CC0-Licensed Images" for my landing pages (Landing pages which I use for running CPA campaigns) So these images are available with following licenses ✓ Free for personal and commercial use ✓ No attribution required So can I use these images for my landing pages without any...
  5. M

    Should we used cookie pop up on our lander pages after GDPR rules

    I have observed all bigger websites have started showing pop up/notifications on their websites saying we are using cookies to gather data after the gdpr update. My question is do we need to add such notifications on our landers as well? As we are running landers per offers and do not have a...
  6. Navid

    How to do A/B testing on a antivirus offer?

    Hey I'm kind of new to affiliate marketing and want to do an A/B test on my 4 pre-landers. I have decided to promote an antivirus app. I have created 4 different pre-landers for this offer and grouped them into 2 main "groups". (Group one) 2 pre-landers with more "friendly/less scary" design &...
  7. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Why Landing Pages ?

    Dears I know that could be simple, but why to use landing pages instead of driving traffic directly to the offer's page ? It's for nothing but collecting emails,right ?? Also, why to use expensive tracking ? Forgive me if it's too naive to ask :) Thank you in advance.
  8. R3DRUM

    Looking for Similarweb Sharing

    Hi guys! Currently looking for 2 more users to share the Similarweb Usage. Let me know if you are interested!
  9. Kc-Tan

    Landing Page Cloaking

    Hi everyone, (affiliates & affiliates manager) === * Is it a good practice to show my landers to the (network/ affiliate manager)? * If not, how can i deal with their terms ("Landing page must be approved") ?
  10. GrupoWayseer

    Hosting landing pages on Amazon AWS

    Hi im interested on hosting my CPA LP on Amazon AWS or Rackspace been the two most popular CDN hostings and on my opinion the best and fastest option to do CPA. been said that, i have a question when i read the features of this services they both said "NO PHP or JAVA Supported" this means i cant...
  11. Guilly

    Newbie doubt about Lps

    Hey All If I find a offer that has a beautiful landing page from the network, is that ok to rip that Lp and use it as my LP to redirect to the actual offer ?? I suppose that if the network is using that lander. it should be an winner. Isn't it Thanks all
  12. Ankit Aggarwal

    Best Spy Tool

    I have just started looking for media buying campaigns and landers. Came across various spy tools to check competitors landers but got confused with which one is worth to try and how I can ripp the landing page. Can anyone suggest me some tools and ways??
  13. B

    Announcement 40$ landers - 5$ Banners

    BANNERS & LANDERS is TAKING ORDERS RIGHT NOW! Here's how you can order! The problem: Many affiliates struggle with coding, and/or banner design. The solution:BannersLandersDOTcom Let me introduce, a new service offered by our outsourcing company. We have in house designers...
  14. B


    LET ME INTRODUCE A service offered by our outsourcing company. We have in house designers who have been already working with some of you to create banners, as well as landing pages that meet your needs.
  15. ppcnewbie

    VPS vs. Amazon S3?

    Hi. Newbie question here. Assuming I opted for Voluum as tracking, so no need to host the tracker, I will need hosting just for landers. My question is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using VPS vs. Amazon S3+cloudfront? Probably uploading the files to S3 would be a little...