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  1. K

    Leads quality

    Hello everyone, newbie here 20d in AM world What is the difference between lead quality and KPI, specifically dating and adult offers let say I sent 300 leads to a SOI dating offer that has a KPI of 60% of the traffic must use the app and/or the website 5m daily and my traffic preformed as...
  2. Uliana Moreva

    What are ROI, ROMI and ROAS?

    In the most affiliate campaigns you can find such KPI as ROI , the success of the campaign depends on that metric. But that is not the only option that used by an advertiser to check the real effect of the campaign, there are such metrics as ROMI and ROAS. In this article we will discuss all...
  3. WhiteMobi

    CPI Offers KPIs Explained

    There are plenty restrictions and unclear KPIs in the mobile offers. As AM I’m getting most of the questions like: What is KPI? What is RR? So, here I'm posting here some terms you can find in the offer description. Retention Rate or RR - shows the number of active users (those who opened the...
  4. Farazdaq

    What is Organic Traffic?

    Hello, Can you please explain me about what is Organic Traffic and also it is useful and pure genuine traffic With that i would also like to know in organic traffic what are the ratio of KPI achievement Thanks
  5. Iraklee

    How to choose and run INCENT CPI offers

    Dear Friends, Many of us might already noticed that running CPI offers is no longer easy as it was 2 years ago. Advertisers refuse to pay high payouts for simple installs and apply KPI rules for new campaigns. I would like to exclude this kind of offers from this topic because in fact CPI +...