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  1. CMMan

    Why I am not pumped

    I picked an AppSumo product yesterday. Built a (not so long) landing page using WordPress + Elementor Created an FB ad campaign and ran it Yesterday was exhilarating. I woke up this morning to check the numbers... CTR: 2.07%; "Results" aka Link clicks were 331 But Impact shows 1 click. and NO...
  2. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi and I'm excited to join the community. I'm a new affiliate. Will be sharing my journey soon! Diya
  3. WePromoLink

    Introducing New Member WePromoLink

    Hello community, It is my pleasure inform you that a new affiliate marketing platform was born, WePromoLink, it is simple, you can create campaigns with image, description, a target link, a budget and a cost per click rate, then this campaign will be published for other users to share in their...
  4. Emeka Ijeoma

    Introduction - Emeka Ijeoma

    Hello Affiliatefix Community! I hope this message finds you all well. My name is Emeka Ijeoma, and I'm excited to be a part of this fantastic community of affiliate marketers. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share a bit about my background. I come from a digital marketing...
  5. Amrk

    Lurker saying Hello,

    Hello, I am AMR and I started thinking seriously about CPA marketing about a year ago, became a member of Affiliate fix in the same time frame. I launched my first serious campaign (CPA grip, Propeller Ads- Interstitial, Be Mob, 30 $ ad spent, 4 offers, about 5000 clicks, 0 conversions) during...
  6. siqianxianghou996

    Self introduction

    I am talking about the operation director of a TRON company. My name is Jack. I am now looking for a partner to sell our products as an agent. We will cooperate sincerely. If you are interested, you can leave a message below. Thank you.
  7. chesterloke

    Hello To Everyone!

    Hello everyone, I am Chester Loke from Singapore. I am glad to be part of this community. :):D
  8. Ikechi Wigwe


    My name is ikechi Wigwe from nigeria I'm a blogger, YouTuber, facebooker etc... I love finding myself on the internet. I love discovering new things by my self
  9. Sethnic

    Introducing myself ..

    Hi! My name is Seth, and my day job was/will be in the performing arts. I am a musical theater composer, director, and performer. So creativity and imagination are my unique abilities. I've always enjoyed making websites, dabble in PHP, and have created a few sites around affiliate programs...
  10. Heiden


    My name is Heiden, I am from Pakistan, I am just a student . I have interest in learning new skills. I know about seo,digital marketing,affiliate marketing,wordpress and some more stuff but I'm kinda newbie I don't think I have enough knowledge for all of these I've a lust to learn new things...
  11. Rally

    Hello family.

    To make everything short, I'm Rally and I really love spending much time on the internet. I just heard of Affiliate marketing and have decided to look for a forum where I can learn the basics of affiliate marketing and make something from it. I hope this forum is the best for me?
  12. Mar Eugene


    Hello Guys and Gals, This is Mar Eugene and I am a professional affiliate marketer. I am new here and I'll appreciate your assistance. Even if the Lion is strong enough to defeat the Wolf, if outnumbered by 10 times ratio, it may be difficult to win and sometimes get defeated. We may be Weak...
  13. Alex Griffith

    Hello everyone! New member here.

    Hey everyone, I'm Alex. I'm 19, been trying affiliate marketing since I was 17. I have made 6 affiliate websites so far, and I have had 6 failures so far. Each site is better than the last, but I am still not there yet. I am hoping attempt #7 is the right niche and right strategy towards the...
  14. Abdul Mupit

    Hello Everyone! Glad to Join This Affiliate Forum

    Hello, i am Abdul Mupit. Luckily i found this forum from search engine and still active, because many affiliate forum outside there were inactive. Glad to join this forum and found worthed thread here that help me to learn more about affiliate marketing. Regards :ninja:
  15. bartino11

    Hello folks

    Hello everyone! My name is Bartolomej but you can call me Bart. Nice to meet you all :)
  16. Mcgabby

    Hi guyz

    I'm delighted to be in this forum.Hoping to see a huge success here.
  17. Rita Nong

    I am a Partnership Manager

    I have 8 years of experience in helping content creators, travel agents, and other members of the travel industry to connect and create strong partnerships through Affiliate Programs. I love taking full responsibility for what I do and do it with professionalism and passion. As an...
  18. A

    Affiliate Marketing As A Mindset

    Hi all, My name is Andy, and I'm pretty new to AM in general and CPA in particular. I've tried my hands at other MMO methods such as dropshipping, POD, etc... Nonetheless, I think AM is very interesting as the epitome of Internet Marketing. I can still recall hearing about AM as an alien...
  19. EmmaStar

    Hi AffiliateFix community, Just joined, I am an advertiser first (aka product owner)

    Hi all, I just joined here as a vendor/merchant. Just glanced through the subforums here; looks promising. It seems I will finally be able to find awesome Affiliates who will promote my product. * Edited by Admin *
  20. benb_01

    My Introduction

    Hey guys! I'm very new to both affiliate marketing and this forum. My name is Ben, I am 29 years old and love spending time with family and friends. I just started affiliate marketing a couple days ago. My current goal is to reach my first $1000 in earnings. I haven't earned any commissions...