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  1. CMMan

    Why I am not pumped

    I picked an AppSumo product yesterday. Built a (not so long) landing page using WordPress + Elementor Created an FB ad campaign and ran it Yesterday was exhilarating. I woke up this morning to check the numbers... CTR: 2.07%; "Results" aka Link clicks were 331 But Impact shows 1 click. and NO...
  2. HustleWithAli

    Hey Entrepreneurs!

    Hi! My name is Ali and I am from Dubai. I am an Affiliate Marketer and I also have my own digital products listed on W+. Its my first time here on this forum and I would love to help you guys out :) Best Of Luck Ali
  3. dnoriegas

    My history in this affiliate world short intro presentation.

    Hi guys! I am Mexican Living in Prague, my home city in Mexico is called Guadalajara, i hope that you are familiar with the name (Is close to tequila city :)) Well 5 years ago Uber Eats was launched in my city, I was really lucky I created a FB fan page and for some reason (It was called uber...
  4. kabirzaff

    hi this is kabir

    looking forward to affiliate marketing guides and techniques through this wide and powerful community in hope of enjoying my time here and yes definitely would love to contribute with my experience and knowledge to this beautiful forum thank you
  5. vigyavan

    Hi Affiliatefix, This is vigyavan

    Hi Everyone, This is vigyavan, 22 from India, I Build and Buy website, apps and games and sell them online. Nice to be here, looking forward to learn and contribute here. Thank you :)
  6. KMX

    Hello Awesome Peoples

    I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while. Currently working for the world's number #2 affiliate marketing agency as an affiliate manager. Nice to meet you all, Thank you.
  7. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Newbie Here, Show some love guys!

    Im RonyKing Sourcing INC. i hope you guys will make welcome me right here. Wish to make friends, partnering and what a view.
  8. Vlad_13


    Hi! I'm Vlad, i'm 28 and I based in Moscow. I have experience working in affiliate networks. Now I am fully engaged in affiliate marketing. I have been trying to make profitable cases. Perhaps soon you will see him on this forum.
  9. SteveHolt

    Second Wave Marketer from California Saying Hello

    Hey Warriors Here to introduce myself, I have been in social media marketing since 2003.. So it's been a while for me. If anyone wants to learn anything about Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, SEO, PPC, Outdoor advertising, software and programming, I'm you guy! I bet you're wondering about...
  10. elite88

    Slight Introduction...

    Hello, I go by the handle Elite88 I have been lurking for a little bit. I have dipped my toe into marketing for a while. Glad to meet you all.
  11. AndrewMacDonald

    Future Marketing Extraordinaire

    Heyy fellow affiliates:) my name's Andrew! I first dabbled into the IM scene a few weeks ago. Spent a decent amount of time researching popular communities. AffiliateFix:affiliatefix: seems like the obvious no-brainer choice! It's truly a pleasure meeting everyone on here! Despite my lack of...
  12. K


    Hi, I am Kazi Foyzur Rahman. I am new to this community. I am interested in affiliate marketting. Please help me .
  13. Richard La Compte


    Hello Fellow marketeers! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Richard and I’m here to learn from you and also to share what I know that can be beneficial to you too. Thank you! Richard La Compte
  14. Pav Singh

    Website Design Melbourne

    specialized in providing extensive result for a local business branding. Website Designing to Development, Graphic Designing and SEO Experts are keen to help any local business in Melbourne to achieve its Goal. Our Marketing team helps to reach and engage the potential audiences through amazing...
  15. EverMattress

    Hello World

    Hello everybody. I own a family owned online mattress company and have just started our affiliate program. I'm hoping to learn what I can do as a merchant to help my affiliates be successful.
  16. Patrick Mahinge

    Hello From Nairobi, Kenya

    Hey guys, My name is Patrick, and I am proud to be joining this amazing forum. I was born, raised, and spend my days in Nairobi, the City in the Sun and the capital city of Kenya. But as they say, the internet has turned the world into one small global village. And So, here we are.
  17. C

    Hello Everyone!

    Greetings folks. I just joined this forum and look forward to contribute and learn from all. Thks.
  18. PokerGirl

    Hello Co-Affiliates!

    Hi there! I just recently signed up in this forum and I really hope that I could make a few acquiantances & friends here :) This forum is great, I might learn many things here. Good job to the owner! Now let's go mates and BANK HARD! If you're a newbie, feel free to IM me, coz I'm a newbie...
  19. Vengeance

    Hi Guys!

    Hello Guys, Google landing me to this awesome forum. Very nice to be here. Cheers,
  20. R

    Hey What's Up?

    I'm Riley Younger. I'm 22. I'm from a tiny town an hour southeast of Denver. I grew up learning to work for money. Trade time for money, and do hard physical manual labor in those hours making up the long days. ... and even longer weeks. You can't work enough in the day. And you can't work...