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  1. Marc

    Chrome will block http-Content by February 2020

    If ya don't know it yet, Google's Chrome browser will block all http:// pages up to February 2020 in various steps. Particularly affected are the http:// subresources, which are loaded on https:// pages. Google calls them "mixed content" pages. Anyone who uses a mixture of these transmission...
  2. A

    Wordpress Security

    When starting my site I know it's important to make sure my site is secure. What plugins do you all recommend to use? I currently use Login Lockdown, but that's it. Is there anything else I should do on my computer or site other than plugins? So far I have antivirus software and https for the...
  3. notoriouskrock

    SEO question when changing HTTP to HTTPS

    Quick question, When changing a site from HTTP to HTTPS, how does that affect your SEO? Is there an easy fix/change for all your internal and external links pointing to your website and pages? Do you have to manually go through every link on your website to make the change, and ask everyone...
  4. T J Tutor

    HTTPS As A Ranking Factor? Google Says YES!

    I just finished reading a Quick Sprout article by Neil Patel. It's all about whether you have any benefits beyond the typical "your visitor may be impressed by the https" symbol in your address bar. Google has announced, on more than one occasion, they look at this in their algo's, but recently...
  5. howlerckc

    Affiliates Wanted Secure Your Site - Launch Announcement

    Affiliates Can Earn up to $20.25 Per Click, no OTO's FE: $7.99-$27.00 Dimesale Product Title: Secure Your Site Vendor: Curt Crowley Front End Price: $7.99-$27.00 Dimesale Commission Rate: 75% Launch Date: 2016-02-15 Launch Time: 11:00 AM EST Launch Network: WarriorPlus JV/Affiliate Signup...
  6. vrk59er

    Facebook Ads with https://....

    Hi, Does anyone help convert http://... to https://... ?. Becase I faced problem on added my fanpage with iFrame app. Facebook need only secure url https://.... Or Are there any websites service online ?.