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  1. vish1688

    Affiliate Mastermind Group

    Hello AffiliateFix-ers! I was wondering if anyone out there may know a good mastermind slack group, or something of that sort, that meets regularly to share learnings and experiences with new tools in the sector? I've been in the space for 20+ years and have see so many people come and go from...

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM is now on Telegram!

    We want to let you know that we just launched our Telegram Channel. If you want to keep up with MOBIPIUM's news, you SHOULD follow this Channel! What are we going to post there? HOT verticals, TOP offers, tips for our affiliates, platform updates, events we’re attending… and more! CLICK HERE...
  3. Mikeyboy

    Anybody promoting VOD (streaming) ? :)

    Hi everybody - my intro post can be found here with some background ;) I've built a (legal) streaming site for promoting VOD CC Free Trial offers, depending on geo the payouts range from about $8-$60. It's made some money through paid backlinks/guest posting but i'm not great at systematically...
  4. MaxAffiliate77

    What is better for selling in FB: personal page or group?

    What is better for selling in FB: personal page or group?
  5. MithunRoy

    Free Facebook Groups marketing!!!

    How can i promot my cpa offers By Facebook groups posting And earn some cpa cash May be $5/10 perday.... What is the plan For This work?