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google ranking

  1. Ihe

    Ask Me Anything SEO RoadMap

    I just want to write this roadmap for those who are really struggling to get top rankings in Google for their website or get into the 3 pack for local businesses. The thing is SEO follows a kind of method where Google looks at things being natural to their terms (ranking factors). Who knows...
  2. A

    Google, ranking/ Targeted traffic Which one should prefer?

    Improvements to your SEO can help your ranking on Google Search by making your page more relevant to users. Search listings are free. Our site gets more traffic on high ranking. On the other hand social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting all of them also grow targeted traffic. So, which...
  3. Ihe

    12 Things You Should Do To Rank In Google!

    I wrote this article for my website and I think it will benefit members of this forum so I decided to paste the article here. If Mod think this thread is against the rules of the forum, kindly delete. 1. Mobile Friendly: Google prefers sites that pass their mobile friendly test since it...
  4. P

    Looking for partner

    Hi, guys - I run ads on facebook and google in long time, so I have good experience in this, - if you have problem in running ads or traffic for your product, such as : product for skin, health, game... - You can pm me on skype to receive help - I can give you invoice and contract if you nedd...
  5. G

    how to rank youtube video

    i want to rank my youtube video on google first page.what should i do now?
  6. G

    how to rank youtube video

    i want to rank my youtube video on google first page.what should i do now?
  7. Palash

    How Can I Improve My Blog Post Rank in Google Search?

    Hi, I have recently started blogging. I have alredy written 35+ blog post. But my blog post is not ranking on Google search engine. So how can I improve my blog post rank in Google search? My blog is blogmehub[dot]com
  8. T J Tutor

    HTTPS As A Ranking Factor? Google Says YES!

    I just finished reading a Quick Sprout article by Neil Patel. It's all about whether you have any benefits beyond the typical "your visitor may be impressed by the https" symbol in your address bar. Google has announced, on more than one occasion, they look at this in their algo's, but recently...
  9. C

    Analytics for non-eCommerce websites

    A quick Google search about Analytics yields an abundance of articles on how to use analytics to gain insight into how visitors use your website. This insight is vital to optimizing conversion rates. Often, this is in the context of lead capturing, dropping that lead into some variation of a...
  10. C

    How Yahoo’s deal with Google will affect SEO

    For as long as we can remember, search engine dominance has always looked the same; Google on top, with Bing and Yahoo clambering to get their piece of the pie. We all agree that Google has solidified itself as the king of search engines. Recent history shows that Bing has grown steadily over...