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  1. J

    Hiring Looking for Affiliate Manager with US traffic

    Job Responsibilities: Identify and cultivate new partnership opportunities with industry leaders. Build and maintain relationships with key partners, including negotiation and management of partnership agreements. Collaborate cross-functionally with the operations teams to ensure the...
  2. Graybeard

    Ask Me Anything So, it all went downhill ...

    Read this first: OK I didn't spot the AI error AI (ChatGPT) gets confused and makes an error, and me being a "almost trusting human" does not carefully check the code for tiny misunderstandings, assumptive, errors --in this case ',' and not '|' BIG ERROR with just one character ... So, after...
  3. Premeier_ak

    What is the best way to promote e-commerce?

    To me, the two most popular ways are Amazon and Shopify. They are the most popular but there are also other ways. But for Amazon and Shopify you need somewhere to get traffic (buyers). Such traffic can be extracted and free from YouTube, tik tok, Instagram, but it can take a long time. But you...
  4. Irina Bodan

    What can automation do for your e-commerce business?

    Social media marketing automation Social media is a potent marketing channel for e-commerce businesses. The number of global users of social networks is vast and climbing. 54% of social media users research products via their preferred platform. The fact that those online shops devote so much...
  5. Honeybadger

    Video --> 10 E-Commerce Store Tips to Boost Sales

    10 powerful tips for e-com affiliates These are real tips to increase your sales & conversion rate Video about 20 minutes long Drive traffic to sales page (versus product page), CTA button adds to basket Remove distractions, remove anything not related to getting sale Follow AIDA (Attention...
  6. Armorica

    Affiliates Wanted Armorica - Hot E-commerce Offers | CPA, RevShare | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, etc

    Armorica is an affiliate network with highly-demanded CPA and Revenue Share offers. Here you can find exclusive deals for your traffic in different verticals: E-commerce, Nutra, Finance, Educational, Health and Beauty, and even more. We carefully handpicked and integrated the best performing...
  7. Daniel Karpilovsky

    New opportunities.

    We are looking for new affiliates for our network. looking for CBD / Nutra traffic. The offers that I have in the US and EU. Offers focused around CBD products. * Some promotional content removed by Admin *
  8. Maria Basova/MoonRover

    MoonRover Introduction

    Hello and Welcome everyone! Thank you for your interest of this thread. I would like to introduce you our new affiliate network, MoonRover. We are a young but promising network that can offer our future partners a large number of exclusive campaigns, 24/7 manager support and very good payouts...
  9. Naomi Chan

    How Instagram marketing differs from Facebook marketing?

    When we look into demographic data, the average age of Instagram active users is smaller than Facebook’s. How could we target the millennials with Instagram hacks? Here are some of my thoughts: Online strategies Instagrammable stories and feed ads - featuring shareable lifestyle content...
  10. Daniella MGID

    10% Cashback on Singapore traffic from MGID

    Happy to share with you MGID’s new promo on SG traffic! Good Singaporean traffic is hard to come by and when you do it, it is even harder to find enough to scale up your campaign. MGID has been dramatically expanding its presence in the APAC region, particularly in Singapore. Daily we receive...
  11. JericVmore

    Hello everyone

    I am Jeric, from Singapore, currently running an affiliate program that works with multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). I spent one-year backpacking around Asia, to immerse myself in the market and to understand consumer habits as well. This knowledge has been tremendously useful to what I...
  12. PiQano

    [Guide + Case Study]: How to start with Shopify & E-Commerce

    Hello, it's been a long very long time since i shared or posted a new guide or case study in this great community.. well i want to say that i am BACK :D and ready to share something that may encourage people to take action and work. if you are old in this forum you may know that i worked in...
  13. Kass1408

    How do I find affiliates to promote my physical products?

    Hi there! I am a small online retailer of physical products (fitness niche) that sell rather well. I don’t want to sound smug, but I am rather proud of how I managed my online business promoting them. The products I offer are of the highest quality since I worked on improving them after a...