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  1. Adavice

    Official Summer Updates at Adavice DSP

    This Adavice Barbie has the BEST support team on the market!:cool::) Summer 2023 holds more sources, more formats and our experienced support team takes professional care of your advertising campaign while you are on vacation!* ⭐Early access to 13% Bonus for Affiliatefix...
  2. Kazimunna2121

    How i find direct cpa advertiser ?

    Hello there , nice to meet you all !! I need direct cpa advertiser where i can find this if you know please help me , thanks Have a gd day !!
  3. CPAHub

    Affiliates Wanted New EXCLUSIVE German (DE) CPL Sweepstake offers!

    TLDR: New German Sweepstakes; Paying (up-to) $4.85 per SOI CPL; EPC: $0.45; Best traffic sources: Push, Pop (with prelander); Click here to get started Heya, CPAHub has just launched four new CPL (single opt-in) campaigns in Germany. At the moment you won't find them anywhere else, at least not...
  4. joeyyyy

    Begginer learning process with failure

    Hey, I am Jakub from Czechia (excuse my English) and recently I have decided to dedicate my time and money to affiliate. I am total beginner, but I have started to do something instead of just reading ~ 4 days ago. I prefer to learn "in process". But, I still cant set up trackers properly and...
  5. AlinaM

    Looking For traffic FOR DIRECT OFFERS

    Have you already seen our direct offers? No? That's a problem. Keep reading, I'm sure it'll be worth it after all. We are a direct advertiser with our own nutra & crypto product. Have a lot direct CPA/CPL offers for Europe and with WW coverage + offers in different verticals from our partners...
  6. Universe Invader

    Affiliates Wanted Direct Nutra Trial Offers in the US, CA, IE, UK

    Hi Guys! We are direct advertisors and looking for high-quality nutra traffic majority for US,CA,IE,AU,UK. We have our own direct trial offers Nutra/weight-loss, health and we offer you really competitive payout! Looking forward to hearing from you! Skype: goldenh.alex
  7. D

    Buying Leads I own direct Halloween CPA offers!

    I have two business lines; CPA and CPI. Regarding CPA, we own 2 mobile subscription services; Applicateka, which is oriented towards entretainment, and StarChef (Only available in Spain) for cooking. There are present in the following geos: ES, UK, IT, DE, AT, EG, RO, JO and RS. As for the...
  8. Maxsi

    Newbie Affiliate Marketer

    Hi! My name is Maksim. I'm from Moscow, Russia. I'm a PPC-specialist at agency. Good experience at using traffic sources, such as: - Yandex.Direct - Yandex.Display - Google AdWords - MyTarget Some experience with: - - Facebook
  9. Iraklee

    Buying Traffic 22 FRESH, DIRECT Pin-Submit Offers

    My Friends, I've had a good hunting last week and would like to share my trophies with you. Fresh pin-submits directly from content providers! No crazy redirected chains, offers are opening and converting very fast. All of them have creatives and modern style landing pages. Enjoy your meal...
  10. Iraklee

    Selling Traffic Will sell mobile traffic for RU geo

    Hello Friends, Please ping me in skype: irakli.advendor if you have one of the following offers directly from advertiser: Domi Nations Paradise War War and Order Cradle of Empires Dragon Soul King of Avalon Dreamland Masters Soul Hunters Vikings Empire Four Kingdoms Legion of Chaos Dungeon...
  11. schleprock

    direct linking

    I found this on the forum: Landing pages and funnels | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix It discusses direct linking but I don't find any offers that allow for it. I am with MaxBounty. Do they not allow it. Or am I doing something wrong? I am new and it seems like direct linking would...
  12. Goldenhoofmedia

    Offer Wanted We are looking for direct offers

    Hi, Looking for direct CPI campaigns. We have a lot of direct publishres who can give you premium traffic! Skype: goldenh.alex E-mail: support Waiting for your msgs. . Bye!
  13. Nemesis

    How to run Direct Linking Campaigns on mobicow

    Making a full ebook, will be back up soon.
  14. J

    Need Direct Publishers for Incent CPI Traffic

    Hello All, We are looking for direct publishers (incent) in IN, US, CA, UK, TH, VN, ID, RU, JP, KR, CH, ES, TR, TW, AU and FR We are an Ad Network located in India, we have very good incent offers with good payouts - If you have traffic in the above regions please connect to discuss more. You...
  15. Alex Burgundy

    Offer Wanted Looking for DIRECT CPI campaigns.

    Hi, Looking for direct CPI campaigns. We have a lot of direct publishres who can give you premium traffic! Skype: kate.shakeyourads E-mail: Waiting for your msgs. Bye!