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  1. YasonNasser

    using prelanders for CPA offers

    Dears, i'm trying to select offers from "" , with "zeropark" traffic any other suggestion that can help me to make a successful campaign ? it's necessary to use landing page to publish my offer or i can use the direct link on the traffic source?
  2. FindMyDIY

    Use Notifications to Open a Popup With CPA Offers

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  3. FindMyDIY

    Add a Chrome Safe Popunder to Your Site

    This script will open a new popunder window for virtually any outbound link. The destination URL opens in a new window and the original web page redirects to the link specified in the code. **This code does not get blocked by any ad blocker**
  4. Anup Sutar

    AdWorkMedia: Landing Page or Direct Link

    Hello everyone. I just want to ask some affiliates who are working with adworkmedia. Is it allowed to direct link to offers on AWM? I tried contacting my AM but he didn't reply me since 6-7 days. I want to test promoting sweepstakes with native ads. I will be testing both with and without...
  5. MariaV

    Affiliates Wanted publishers for direct, great converting offers!

    We are working directly with many advertisers like Hulu, Uber, All State, Lendio, and more... and I'm looking for new sources of traffic. Offers are on a CPL, CPA, CPI, and PPCall model, payments are on a bi-weekly basis (twice a month). All types of traffic accepted except for incent and call...
  6. Shajuan

    landing page tips!! I need suggestions

    Hello. Ive been working hard at learning to monetize the traffic i am getting on my facebook.. I have been blessed enough to get some conversions out of all the traffic but not enough to cover how much ive paid for the ads. If you have a moment i would like you to search my page on fb (...
  7. evik

    Landing page vs Direct linking to the offer's LP

    I'm starting a Voucher offer now and curious about what you boys are doing in these cases;) I have the option to use the banners for direct linking Or use a landing page in the middle. I know that LP's perform better and I know that I should test it myself but still, kindly tell me what would...
  8. J

    Traffic Source Recommendation

    Hi I have some direct link ecommerce offers which i want to run in India and i would be running banner ads on desktop. As everyone says find a traffic source and master it. I have few questions though: 1) I am not able to find a traffic source(self serve) that do well for the offers which i...