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  1. affani

    Looking For I am looking for an affiliate

    look for good traffic from us, ca, au, nz, gb I have dating offers SOI and DOI who is interested register here and you get paid well we have offers with high payouts CindyMatches - DOI - Responsive | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US, BangMeetup - DOI - Responsive | $2.50 | AU, CA, NZ, ZA, US...
  2. affani

    Ask Me Anything New offer from us

    New offers have just arrived: • CindyMatches - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • EroticMadness - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ. Click Here for more information write to us!
  3. anurag saini

    Offer Wanted click2call dating offers wanted

    Hello, i am looking click2call dating offers. if you have any network or offer please contact to me. skype - live:aca49becc15806df
  4. affani

    Looking for adult affiliate

    Hi guys We have good offers for you if you have adult dating traffic 1. SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ 2. SearchingForSingles - DOI | $2.50 | US 3. BangLocals - SOI | $2.00 | GB, US, CA, NZ, AU 4. Kiss Russian Beauty - SOI | $2.00 | SE, US, GB, CH, AU, NZ, NO, CA...
  5. affani

    Official SluttyMatches - AffAni

    We just received a direct offer SluttyMatche CPL SOI is a dating offer if you have traffic from the AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ you will be paid $ 1.66 for registration registration is SOI without to confirm and email who is interested you can register here
  6. A

    Click here for daily updates of my traffic junky experience with dating

    Hey there!, i am a newbie to adult marketing but not a newbie to online marketing in general, i study online marketing and had a course about affiliate marketing. I found that interesting so i decided to give it a try on adult advertising. Also the dating niche (SOI & DOI based) is good for a...
  7. joe_rogan

    Network Wanted i have quality dating trffic

    looking for good dating network guys suggest me
  8. Adverteraff

    Affiliates Wanted New Offer + Global Smartlink

    Hello guys we wnt affiliate for this offers SmartBang - ,,, 0.90$ JoinTheDating - ,,,,, 1.20$ My Cute Girlfriends - ,,,,,, 1.80$ we have many other offers besides that you should have good traffic, Thank you.
  9. sammi46

    looking for dating advertiser

    i wannna work with direct advertiser for dating vertical
  10. Roland_imaX

    Just a HELLO

    Hi, my name is Roland and I work as Business Development Manager @imaXcash and Online Dating Kings. We are always looking for good dating traffic all over Europe, no matter if it is mainstream or adult. Beside this is am the owner of Imob Traffic, we run about 150 tube sites and organize the...
  11. Advertalb

    Want Affiliate for Work Us?

    Hi, Guys we are an affiliate network with dating offers, live cams, gey dating, apps, mainstream, adult game. Join Now
  12. PappuDash1111

    I'm A Affiliate. i'm Looking For Good Converting Dating CPA Network.

    I'm A Affiliate. I Have Work With Many Affiliate Network And Get Many Payment From Another Network. Now I Want To Work With Premium Dating CPA Network Have Good Conversion and Good Payout For Good Traffic. Please Suggest ME Same Good Network.
  13. Phill AdsBridge

    Let's handle Adult traffic together

    Hi, Lockdown has boosted Dating and Adult verticals. So many affilaite networks have announced new offers. Well, you definitely need a reliable tracking software to cope with millions of your adult traffic;) AdsBridge is here for you. We are always flexible for discounts, but there is a secret...
  14. AniAffiliate

    Affiliates Wanted I need affiliate we have good offers

    Hello guys we have offers for: Dating Adult Dating Sweepstakes Gambling Mainstream Join Now and promote now and earn money with Affiliate Offers Network
  15. AniAffiliate

    Why Affiliate Offers Network?

    We are an affiliate network and have offers like CPL, CPA, CPS, RevShare, CPM. you can make money with your traffic sign up now.

    Announcement MOBIPIUM Dating Offers On fire!

    Hey guys! Everybody knows that Carrier Billing has been our strongest vertical since we joined the performance industry 7 years ago, but nowadays we can’t say the same… fortunately! Dating has been growing incredibly in the past months with our Media Buying Team and now we feel is time to share...
  17. N

    Nastya is here ----> looking for adult offers!

    Hey all! :) Nice to meet everyone here! I'm Nastya and I'm looking for the best adult (dating, cams, paysites, games) offers. In Leadbit we confirm that only the best traffic will reach your sites. Best regards, Nastya
  18. AnthonyVIP

    VIP Anthony here! - Sharing and solving the puzzles of the affiliate marketing world

    Greetings everyone! VIP Anthony here! I’m still learning new techniques & trends of the business each day, but happy to share my experiences and insights on best practices and trends going on in the affiliate marketing world. I'm currently an AM with an Exclusive Offer CPA network, and trying...
  19. Adtrex

    Affiliates Wanted Best CPL Offers This Week So Far!

    77907 Sexting Platz CPL CH $5.00 USD 77904 Snap Und Fick CPL AT $5.00 USD 77901 Sexting Welt CPL DE MOBILE $3.00 USD 77898 Sexting Welt CPL DE TABLET $4.00 USD 77895 Sexting Welt CPL DE DESKTOP $4.50 USD 77892 Casual Match Club AU MOBILE $4.00 USD 77889 Casual Match Club AU TABLET...
  20. Affsub2

    Affsub2 Performance Agency

    ***Image removed by Admin*** ***My apologies, but this is an introductions thread.*** Affsub2 is a full-service performance marketing network, we`re specializing in quality lead generation with a worldwide reach to premium leads. With our wide range of experience from different fields such as...