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  1. J

    Sales Attribution

    Hello everyone. Me and my team are very new in Affliate Marketing hence I would like to get help to clarify the following questions: Sales Attribution Situation: We are planning to use CPA model to generate more transaction in our website and in the middle of looking for affiliate network who...
  2. Make Money With CPA

    Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks?

    Hello Everyone? Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks? as an Advertiser? for example, i choose the offer from MaxBounty and promote my CPA offer to CPAbuild? as an Advertiser? can i do that? is this allow? Thanks
  3. noobguy

    [Follow My Journey] Complete Noob Starts CPA Marketing

    Hey Guys! I have started my CPA marketing journey - don't know how long it will last though. I've previously tried out a few different ways to make some money online but CPA seems very attractive to me atm. Like many people, i too suffer from severe Shiny Object Syndrome. I'm making this...
  4. noobguy

    Confused Noob!!

    Hi Guys! Ive been lurking around this and other affiliate forums for a while now. I have started my affiliate marketing journey, it has been quite informative and has opened my mind to alot of possibilities (maybe too many). For quite a while i have been going around in circles on what...
  5. alberto mt

    How much payouts are suitable for tier1 country soi offers (dating vertical)?

    i am alberto mt, affiliate manager from affvaly cpa network, we are direct advertiser also. we are looking for some information from you for managing our network best. * Edited by Admin * .
  6. Affscale.Network

    Affiliates Wanted AffScale — Direct Nutra Advertiser in Asia

    Hello everyone, we are a CPA network and a direct nutra advertiser for the regions of Asia — Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand! With just 30s of reading, you are about to find out your best opportunity for making tons of money in 2021? Come on guys! Not meant to brag, but let's see what we have...
  7. joe_rogan

    Network Wanted i have quality dating trffic

    looking for good dating network guys suggest me
  8. K

    Heartbid is the best affiliate program for XML and OpenRTB.

    Heartbid is an online self-serve advertising platform. Select your very own way of reaching audiences. Launch and manage advertising campaigns easily with our user-friendly interface. With our real-time stats, advanced targeting options, and Ad creating tools your ads achieve the highest level...
  9. Jwilsonaff8

    Jeremy - Affiliate Account Manager

    Hi Everyone, New to the group, but happy to be here. Looking to learn as much as possible about managing affiliate programs.(CPA campaign, TM+ sourcing, outreach, etc)
  10. F

    Review AffilaiteAds CPA Network Not Pay their Affiliate.

    Hi, I am Firojul from Bangladesh. I have sent traffic to AffiliateAds CPA network ( and got 12 conversions ($1200) (Attached). My payout date is over but they did not pay yet. In the Krafty skype group, Many affiliate marketers not get paid yet (Attached). Now I am seeking help...
  11. Review Dingo

    New member with a question

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. Quick question... What's happening to Affiliate Networks like ClickBank? I got approved with Digistore24 for a CPA offer with 25% LIFETIME recurring commissions on G2 Crowd's #1 Online Reputation Management Software sold...
  12. A

    cpa with pops

    Hello, guys. well, im a newbie on affilaite marketing and i found this forum by doing some searsh on google about pops traffic sources, i read a few article about popunder networks, but i dont found yet what im looking for ! first im sorry for my bad i have an account on mobedia and...
  13. C

    I am looking for Traffic for FX

    Hi all, I am new here, I am looking for affiliates that supply FX traffic ... on a CPA basis please help it’s urgent
  14. TAHIRI2020

    Newbie affiliate

    Hi everyone, I started thinking about marketing sine an age. but last two month when I decided to stay at home and stop go working outside due to this terrible actual pandemic, I come to consider seriously that I need to start a business from home, so I come back to my old idea and wondering...
  15. M


    hey i'm new to affiliate and i was approved for some CPA offers. i will be using Facebook. can someone help me understand Cloaking better? how it works? how to properly use it? maybe share a link so i can understand it better???
  16. bexplus

    Affiliates Wanted Bexplus Affiliate Program: Participate In November Gold Rush

    In recent years, crypto investors have significantly more opportunities for profit on cryptocurrencies. In addition to ordinary spot trading, more and more investors are looking towards margin trading with leverage: the volume of contracts on leading world margin exchanges is breaking records...
  17. Oussama Bensaid

    question for Crakrevenue members please

    HI, please i have a super video that got more than 40 thousand view in less than 2 days and an other with more than 1000 views I got was 95 click , that's fine but I had no rewards. more infos : redirected my website link to the offer link the offer is SOI payout...
  18. C

    Hello there!

    Hello, I am Johnny and I am here to learn share what I don't know and what I know. I am interested in CPA, and affiliate marketing.
  19. Rogermoola

    CPA offers for the MMO niche

    where can I get online marketing CPA offers that aren't scams... I have a list that I want to promote CPA offers to in the make money online niche, possibly email submissions, etc. I get 100 leads a day but I haven't made a sale yet, which CPA network has the best offers in the make money...
  20. Azadul-Bari

    Announcement Doing our best to be the best!!!

    To be the best people needs to do give their best. While advertising people says 50 truths about their subject with 50 lies. We are proud to say that we are saying only the truths that we all should say about our subjects, which really is the criteria. We always say try your self for once and...