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  1. K

    Content Marketing Tip That Has Always Bring In Loyal Customers

    Over the years copywriters have been using a strategy that is still working today. This strategy makes your customer the hero of the story. Make the sale page about them, and paint a picture of their heroism in solving that problem with your product. Don't make the hero of the story you or your...
  2. A

    Enhance your B2B Brand Through Content Syndication

    Collaboration has found a unique place in the B2B marketing strategy today! In the past few months, business owners have been busy re-modeling strategies and adopting change like never before; which is why brand awareness and visibility through collaboration have become even more important in...
  3. Stencil

    Cloned Websites Stealing Google Rankings

    We often speak of black hat SEO tactics and content scraping sites are just one example of such tactics. Scraping is the act of copying all content from a website using automated scripts, usually with the intention of stealing content or completely cloning the victim’s site. Lately we have been...
  4. M

    How to Communicate the Value of SEO to C-Suite Executives

    Many people have found that Search Engine Optimization is not only important, but medium to large companies are often allocating significant internal resources to handle SEO. I as of late had discussions about conveying the estimation of SEO to C-suite administrators at two of the greatest...
  5. alinajohnmike

    What should I ask to check their credibility and professionalism?

    We have just started to recruit a couple of experienced writers in order to get their professional content writing services. We had a few rounds of interviews with some of the initial applicants but, still we are unable to absolutely assess their expertise in order to make sure that they are...
  6. T J Tutor

    Content Marketing Checklist

    For those of us that are into content marketing, we face the challenges of keeping our audiences engaged. It's all done by being vigilant, keeping on our toes, researching the audience needs daily and weekly. Here is part of my scheduled tasks to keep the content motor running with my sites...