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  1. Crespo

    How to track telephone sales on a site I don't manage?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie to the community and trying to figure out how to track sales which my website generates for 3rd party advertisers. I have recently launched a travel related affiliate site and listing offers for 3rd party travel operators. I receive the offers directly and not via an...
  2. marketerLevi

    Call traffic source?

    Browsing the PPcall section here, I find it shocking there isn't much in the way of traffic sources for call traffic. So now the big question: Where can we buy call traffic? For me, I've recently tried Bing call extensions but the ratio my call extension displayed versus the web-link was only...
  3. marketerLevi

    Mobile ad agency with state targeting or click-to-call?

    Hello mobile agencies and affiliates, I have a few tuffie's I'm wondering if anyone would shed a little light on please: Is there any mobile ad agency / traffic source that has a "click to call" type of feature? This is for promoting pay-per-call offers which requires a call instead of a...
  4. T J Tutor

    20% of Click to Call Ads Go Unanswered

    In an article I read this afternoon in Website Magazine, mobile analytics company Marchex claims to have determined that although consumers clicking ads to call are four times more likely to make a purchase, or otherwise complete a fulfillment, 20% of the calls go unanswered. They go on to say...
  5. ringpartner

    The Fundamental Toolkit to Call-Only Campaigns

    We're really excited to share "The Fundamental Toolkit to Call-Only Campaigns" guide that was created by RingPartner, Invoca and Hanapin Marketing. The toolkit is full of tips, checklists, guides, whitepapers, and webinar recordings to help guide you in the process of setting up and optimizing...