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  1. Fabius_N

    which hosting + CDN to choose for two Landing Page

    Hi guys, For two Landing Page, which hosting and CDN choose for the first from 1k/day traffic and the second from 40k/day traffic? For example, I have always used dedicated servers on SiteGround + CloudFlare...
  2. mohamed deyane

    Mobile lander hosting

    know sameone what is the best provider where i could host my mobile landingpage for faster loading time
  3. tyoussef

    CPA Marketing Tutorial - Lesson 1: Host Your Landing Page

    Perfect, now let's start. In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step, how to get your landing page up and running in a content delivery network (CDN) using Amazon AWS buckets and Amazon Cloud front . This solution is very cheap and very powerful. If you have questions about how to set up a...
  4. seneca

    VPS or CDN

    Hi, Have anyone done any testing related VPS or CDN? The question is not about price, but I would like to understand the 2 options: 1 - Performance 2 - Price 3 - Maintenance I haven't done any, but so far these are the main points that I could find out: CDN - Pros - Price, Maintenance CDN -...
  5. C

    Rackspace + Voluum

    Hello, I've been using Voluum with a VPS from Beyond Hosting and decided to start using a Rackspace CDN. I've followed a few different tutorials and everything seems correct, however, when testing out a Voluum campaign link, it says that the requested URL has not been found. If anyone has any...
  6. R

    Question regarding server/tracking

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting into mobile marketing and have a question regarding my server/tracking. I'm undecided whether to go with a self-hosted tracking solution or one in the cloud. I plan on hosting my landing pages on a CDN so that's covered. If I'm able to get a VPS in the...
  7. krass

    How to set up cdn plus dns?

    I'm having trouble setting up my dns and cdn. Here's what I did for details hope you guys can help out: 1) Bought domain from namecheap 2) Change the dns to clouflare dns since they are the fastest dns 3) Added cnames to point to the rackspace container urls 4) Tested it and the dns doesn't...
  8. R

    CDN comparison: What CDN do you guys prefer?

    I'm in the market for a new CDN and I'm having trouble deciding. Currently not pushing a lot of traffic, but I'd like to have locations all over the globe because I'm planning on launching some international stuff. I have the free year of Amazon Cloudfront but I'm also looking at Rackspace...
  9. comegetbravo

    When should I upgrade my hosting solution?

    I currently have a SSD cloud hosted VPS that I use, How do I know when I should upgrade? These are my stats during a regular workload, when I get roughly 20k impressions/day. Ram usage never goes above 25% and CPU never above 4%. Loading speeds are from 0.8s - 1.4s depending on GEO and...