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  1. J

    Propellerads are 99% bots , Be Careful

    Well I used propellerads recently for affiliate to and monitor their traffic. I got 100k popunders in north America and got : only 60k in google analytics out of those 60k , only 400 real users !!! (you can verify in Demographics tab) The rest was pure bots with location NOT SET then I dug...
  2. L

    Seeking Help Ad Networks using bots

    Hi All, Does Ad Supply, Evadav and MGID use bot traffic?
  3. MasterOfHearts

    Cloudflare BIC Settings? Robots.txt?

    Hi Everyone! I have setup Cloudflare on my website and I read the documentation which said that BIC (Browser Integrity Check) is turned on by default for Firewall but here I am asking to turn on the same. I tried 2-3 Different IP addresses (made sure not to overdo it) but Cloudflare didn't...
  4. Honeybadger

    How can I find a list of bots that auto re-post?

    Is there a method to find lists of social media accounts (from networks listed below) that have scripts set to automatically re-post specific tags? Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Pinterest
  5. Graybeard

    Who's a boT? :D

    Ii just checked a sample today --pops I am buying aT $0.93/CPM [raw cost] they are remnant probably but surprisingly Mac is a good value here --if I can monetize the l33t :p ALL US AND CANADA DESKTOP/TABLET WiFi Bottom line I am getting filtered 80% human traffic to the target @ $0.003 a...
  6. Graybeard

    The 0.5% that didn't bounce :D

    the same user from 2 separate advertising networks popunder CPM pc,admav These traffic guys use the same main RTB platforms ;) or, it's just circumstantial --no; look at the times 5 sec apart? cloaked bot?
  7. Graybeard

    Crushing b0ts, Proxies and Scrapers -- killing fraud

    What is a hostname? Every legitimate internet ISP and WWW server using the Internet has a hostname! Every email server MUST have a hostname and reverse DNS resolution to identify itself to other servers or the email SHOULD be rejected as Spam. Check your IP with this tool and you should see...
  8. Steve @ Voluum

    The EASY way run a bot test - Voluum Honeypot

    We’ve all been there. The campaign is set up and we feel pretty optimistic. The offer was chosen carefully and targeted through a promising audience. We wait impatiently for the results, as more and more impressions and clicks are coming our way. We take a look into the stats, feeling excited...
  9. Graybeard

    Cryptobots crush cryptocurrency arbitrage player

    Bitcoin Price Manipulated by Cryptocurrency Trading Bots: WSJ Bot v. cryptoscammer ROFLMAO Read the article ;)
  10. Graybeard

    Click bot ALERT!

    12-letter domains. The ad fraud scheme Sadbottrue | >>>What is the infrastructure for generating artificial traffic? In order to simulate a web audience, you need 3 components. 1. Database of simulating devices, browsers, and users. 2. Software to manage the algorithms of botnet activity. 3...
  11. joelbarish

    Software Engineer to help you grow your business

    Hi everyone! I am Joel, software engineer from Eastern Europe. For a last couple of years i've been working closely with US based guy who was making a reasonable money on affiliate and sms marketing. So my main responsibilities were to transform/improve his ideas and create a software based on...
  12. scroogefrog

    Free Tracker with autoban of BOTS

    Our tracker ScroogeFrog will show you detailed statistics about all incoming traffic and non-effective sources. Also you will see IPs of all frauds and bots and you want you can ban them automatically. So it will help you to save up to 90% of your advertising budget by removing non-effective...
  13. scroogefrog

    FREE MGid module

    MGID WITH AUTOBAN !FREE! Make free registartion on our website. Choose from services module MGID with autoban and you will recieve datail analyze of your traffic with free autoban ofbots/frauds/fake clicks and etc. We identifies a user by more than 20 features regardless of whether he changed...
  14. scroogefrog

    Adwords with autoban

    Adwords with autoban Ban bots and fraud clicks automatically for 0,02 $ per one unique visitor! Make free registartion on our website. Choose from services module Adwords with autoban and you will recieve datail analyze of your traffic with free autoban of bots/frauds/fake clicks Reduce click...
  15. scroogefrog

    Protect your advert

    How do you protect your PPC advert from bots and fraud? And also is this (bots and fraud) a popular problem in Affilate Marketing in your country?
  16. Alex Munninger

    How do you detect bot traffic from ad networks

    I’ve been in online business for quite a while. Drove traffic from various sources – ppc, social, - you name it. Of course, I’ve also been lured by the lucrative traffic from ad networks. What I’ve been noticing is that almost everywhere you go for traffic these days – you’re bound to get a few...
  17. T J Tutor

    Dealing Fraudulent Traffic

    I read an interesting article in Webmaster Magazine about detecting non human traffic, which we are all hampered by in our traffic buys. comScore acquired MdotLabs in early Aug. 2014 to augment its non-human traffic (NHT) detection methods used in the Media Metrix and validated Campaign...