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  1. GDFSilva

    What the currently best AI blog creator

    We're going through an industrial revolution, as anyone here should known! in such way that a work done by 4, 5 professionals, can be done by one, in the same amount of time, with a good cooperation of AI Is anyone here have a good opinion of good blog platforms that are good for affiliate...
  2. adcash_team

    10 Tips to Skyrocket Blog Traffic and Maximize Ad Revenue!

    Are you struggling with boosting your blog traffic? Need help to maximize your ad revenue? Here are 10 tips to help your blogs stand out in the crowded digital landscape. 1. Craft Compelling Content Dive into your niche and understand your audience and their pain points. Then, deliver...
  3. techteacherdebashree

    How can I hide comment website link of my blog?

    How can I hide comment website link of my blog?

    I am Nick. New Website owner.

    I was thinking about how many people create traffic and make money for companies with their clicks and their data. So I said, What if, there is a website that gains traffic and all the ads revenue goes to donations in abandoned animals and kids without food? If there was a big community doing...
  5. Dariel

    Push ads question

    Hello to everyone, Is push ads good to bring people to my blog?? I know it's not that expensive but I wanted to be sure before starting.
  6. Honeybadger

    How to Write Blog Posts that Convert

    Found this guide buried in on Amazon Associates help web site Some of it is elementary but I learned new tactics also How to write an Affiliate Marketing blogpost that converts
  7. Honeybadger

    23 Tips for Bloggers

    Recent blog post on Amazon Associates 23 Tips on How to Start a Blog Topic Domain Theme Calendar Audience Images Schedule Spell check About Me Platform Hosting Email address Hosted v Domain Plug-ins Google Analytics Passwords Security Social media SEO basic Guest blogging Newsletter Start...
  8. P

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I joined this community because I am interested in learning more on everything marketing - affiliate, content, digital, social, others - and I also would love to spread my knowledge to others. Thanks for welcoming me! Have a great day :)
  9. RogerFederer

    Is This Method Still Viable?

    Hey guys, I am very new to the forum and to affiliate marketing. I've watched a video by Franklin Hatchett on Youtube (Link below). He describes a method, where you build a blog which adds value as an intermediate page and you send free traffic to that page by commenting on other blogs...
  10. Webmazon

    Google adsense denial

    Hi guys, I do have an adsense account for years and stopped using it, recently I wanted to use it on my new blog but got denial few times. As you know the google team never disclose the reason, I am asking for your expertise and experience to suggest or what do you think is wrong so I can...
  11. Wilson912

    What Is The Best Website Builder

    Hello Guys I started to make money recently on Jvzoo and i wanted to create a blog to wirte my case studies and i was thing to start with wordpress ? or if there any better platform ?
  12. K

    Content Idea generation

    how to generate content ideas for my new blog?
  13. Helena.S

    Search Netlinking platforms

    I am looking for serious Netlinking platforms to buy B2B articles with links in English, German, Italian.
  14. LinkCollider

    Place where you can pay blogger to blog my website

    Hi Guys, I'm new at marketing and I'm having hard time finding a blogger who can featured my website. Do you know a network or hub website where all bloggers are lurking and where I can pay them to blog my website? I greatly appreciate any help!
  15. M

    Hi, I'm a new affiliater

    I introduce our life in Europe to Japanese people by my blog.
  16. Nubian Garden

    New to the Forum !

    I am open to tips and advice to grow my gardening blog!
  17. Akeentech

    Check this out

    Honest review is highly needed here ( www .akeentech. com). How to improve and monetize this blog. I also want sponsored posts and collaborations thanks.
  18. Akeentech

    Partnership Partners wanted

    I want a like-minded partners who we can work together to achieve great results. I have blog ( to monetize, you can be a coach at the same time.
  19. jowel

    Blog Search Engines & Directories

    Hi all, I want to promote my blogs, still working method - promoting blogs through Blog Search Engines & Directories? Do you send your RSS to these sources? Do you have some blog list search engines and directories? Thanks
  20. thehustler

    Cheap Hosting for Blog?

    Hi, I need recommendation on hosting for my wordpress blog. A bit tight on startup fund. I looked at 1&1 and they are giving 1 year of hosting + Free Domain + Free WHOIS for $11.88 and GoDaddy is giving me FREE Domain + Economy Linux cPanel Hosting + Domain privacy for approx $26 USD via a...