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  1. M

    Newbie issues

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Affiliate World. Im starting off with in-app CPI offers for iOS and Android through my traffic source. My verticals are gaming, dating, gambling. I’m not using a tracker at the moment but I’m having difficulty getting conversions. Like “0”. At this point I’m not...
  2. Drendas

    Help, BIG Facebook page but no MONEY

    Hi guys, can you please help me...?? I have a Facebook page that has 190K followers and a week reach of over 1Million people. It is a page about dancing.. I never made a dollar with affiliate marketing and I need to start making money cause I want to get out of the Rat Race of every day...
  3. Lomash Kumar

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)
  4. B

    Excited to get started with Affliates

    Hi Guys, Want to find out the best way to sell our SAAS based AI Chatbot. Have a great solution, but not able to reach the right market. Would be great if you guys can help me out. Target audience - All website owners
  5. MysteryPackages

    Review FREE 0.001 Litecoin For Free & Instantly? Takes less than 3min!i

    Hello, I came across this great Bitcoin exchange site which gives you 0.001 LTC for each sign up almost instantly! Nothing else just sign up, no bs, no spending money! REFERRAL: Update: 5min after I signed up, I got my LTC. Almost instant, within minutes! Term &...
  6. B

    Hello Guys , need suggestion

    Hi my name is Bilal and I am willing to learn and invest in affiliate marketing. I am initially thinking to invest approx 2000 dollars. What are your suggestions which affiliate marketing program I should join and traffic source initially. Is it fine to join just one affiliate network and one...
  7. Cece Nisa

    Is there one of the PeerFly Affiliate Manager that's a robot?

    I just used Peerfly 10 days ago and I have AM with Sadie Gee's Name, I did not get Skype contact her, I am confused should contact her how this is not petrified me I sent her an email but there was never any reply, is it really like this PeerFly? Can you advise me? Thank you
  8. Palash Bagchi

    Ask Me Anything Which Referral Marketing tools charge on performance?

    I have spent considerable time searching for a good referral marketing platform. However, since I am starting new, I don't want to get into a monthly recurring fee. I would rather pay a %age of my earnings from the referral platform. I need help to identify any Affiliate or Referral Marketing...
  9. liner Briere

    Offer Wanted I want join network affiliate CPL,CPI,CPA

    I have traffic Geos:US,CA,DE,FR,... I want join some network affiliate marketing to run your offer. I can run offer web traffic ( CPI,CPL,CPS,download, dating , survey, wall ) and mobile traffic ( cpi,cpa...) If you want I work with you pls contact to me! thank you!