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  1. N

    Searching for affiliates

    We are a small company that makes sustainable backpacks, totes, sling bags, and neck pillows. We are searching for affiliates that can promote our products based on commissions. We offer up to 15% on every sale (negotiable). Do we have a chance to find people who will be willing to work under...
  2. Cpamatica

    Official DACH hot offers | Join our challenge and get a BONUS! | 7.08 - 20.08.2023

    Guten Tag, Freunde! Keep your eye on the ball: it's time for DACH ;) We are thrilled to present you with an exciting opportunity to maximize your earnings, focusing on this German-speaking region. With a massive pool of singles seeking connections, these countries present an incredible...
  3. mariathompson

    Anyone experienced moving from one affiliate program to the next because the first one is no longer working with some of our tools? What to do?

    Hello. We have been using Refersion for a while. We're doing good and our revenue have reached close $200k+. They have pretty good merchants that apply automatically then bring in good amount of revenue. However, last month our third-party Carthook checkout app via Shopify is no longer...
  4. ChadNedland

    Looking To Get your Foot In The Door Of Affiliate Marketing?

    I am looking for any new affiliate marketers who are interested in custom help in promoting an upcoming launch. If you are interested please respond to this thread.
  5. Ludovic Vuillier

    Affiliates Wanted The Good Life Manifesto

    Every single person you meet is on a quest to live their best life possible. The problem is that most people don't know where to start. This means that every single person is a potential client for you to be making money as an affiliate with us! Not everyone has the same path to happiness...
  6. Alex P

    How about intimate toys?

    Hello, my name is Alex and I am an owner of sex toys online store... I found it's pretty hard to promote this kind of products so I came here to learn more about affiliate programs. Also I found that there's poor information about CPA marketing for advertisers across the internet. Hope this...
  7. CPAKitchen

    Affiliates Wanted CPA Kitchen - Gambling Affiliate Network | SmartLink, AD Rotator | CPA, RS, Hybrid Offers

    CPA Kitchen is an affiliate network in gambling and betting niche. We provide the best conditions on the market, and our offers allow to monetize traffic from any GEO. Enjoy top CPA, Hybrid, and Revenue Share based offers. Payouts can be made starting from $100 via ePayments, Webmoney, Wire or...
  8. Zsuzsi

    Affiliates Wanted for Adult VR Product direct from Producer

    Hi I'm Zsuzsi from BadoinkVR, we are the number one Adult VR producers. We are looking for webmaster with Blog (male audience), Tubes, online sex shops, Tech sites. If you are interested in getting into VR and get a new revenue stream. Get in touch with me at zsuzsanna.vida at
  9. Tom Galanis

    First Look Games - Content for Affiliates

    Hi AffiliateFix World, It's great to be a part of this forum. I've been working in the affiliate space for 13 years, but exclusively in the iGaming space. We have recently developed a platform that allows game developers engage with affiliates directly (there is no commercial partnership in...
  10. Vinay kevadiya

    Looking for Affiliates (SaaS)

    Hello There, I am looking for affiliates to promote my SaaS application upmetrics, Upmetrics is a modern business planning software that helps entrepreneurs to plan their business and it’s financials in order to build a polished business plan that can be represent to the investors and banks...
  11. TechMan33

    Affiliates Wanted SaaS B2B Website tool - Lifetime Converted Customer Revenue Share!

    Do you have traffic with Website Owners - Particularly ones that offer free content (DIY, Articles, Advice, Instructions) or ecommerce? If so, you need to sign up to be an affiliate for TallyRise! Details of TallyRise are below, the most important being Commission! Commission - Early...
  12. 3Snet network

    Affiliates Wanted Unique iPhone X Offer

    3snet and Vulkan Casino starting joint promotion “iPhone X for 100 deposits”! The gist of the action: Deliver 100+ deposits to any of the following offers. Receive the approve and the payment for the traffic in the standard mode. Everyone will get guaranteed + 5% to the earned amount of 100+...
  13. yapi

    Affiliates needed for a leading Canadian web hosting affiliate program

    Hello Everyone, This is Yapi, I'm an affiliate manager who has recently joined affiliatefix in search of some potential affiliates for our business/affiliate programs. Currently, I'm looking for affiliates interested in promoting Canadian Web Hosting affiliate program. Anyone willing, please...
  14. affinteractive

    Affiliates Wanted We are looking for quality traffic for EXCLUSIVE offers

    We are looking for quality traffic for our exclusive offers. Find details below. Category : Finance & Insurance Traffic Type: EMAIL, DISPLAY GEOS: UNITED STATES PAYOUT TYPES: CPL/ CPA if you have any other questions feel free to ask or add me on Skype : "affinteractive". Let's make some money...
  15. Eddie Tsy

    Got subprime traffic? - Payday & Personal Loan Offers. Up to $200 per lead

    Hello everybody! My name is Eddie, affiliate manager with Lead Economy. We're an invite only network operating in the financial/online loan space. I'm on the hunt for affiliates with Email, SMS, Banner, SEO and PPC subprime traffic in the US. Our top 3 verticals include payday, personal loan...
  16. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Get Affiliates Leads DAILY!

    Access your unique Daily Publishers/Affiliates Leads by customizsing with 20 Keywords Relevant to your Vertical at time of order. DailyAffiliates Data Feeds take pride on how clean and clear our data is. For starters we make sure that all data you will access to has been cleaned by...
  17. S

    Marketing and seo expert

    Hi all im a marketing expert that manage several activities around the world. Mainly i work with the gambling industry to promote their products. With more than 10 years experience in the industry i link between affiliates and different online industries, as well as offering services to both...
  18. Profit Partners

    Nutra Affiliates / Networks that can provide quality traffic?

    Hello there, we are a nutra advertiser, we own several Skin care & Diet offers that we are looking to get quality traffic to, if you think you can provide a stable daily volume, feel free to contact us via skype - profitpartnersaffiliates. We pay competitive CPA's - NET 5. Also, if you prove to...
  19. King of Vapes

    Looking for Affiliates for a Vape Site :)

    Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offers us here at King of Vapes an additional way to spread the word about our vape site. Our Affiliate program is free to join, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge! As our affiliates, you will generate traffic and sales...