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  1. Greg@Adhive

    Affiliate Superstars Unite: Let's Dominate the Marketing Game Together!

    I am excited to join this affiliate forum and introduce myself to the vibrant community here. My name is Greg, and I am an account manager at Adhive Network, a leading affiliate network specializing in a wide range of verticals and offers. At Adhive Network, we pride ourselves on offering a...
  2. RevenueHits

    RevenueHits - 5 Tips To Increase Traffic During COVID-19 Time

    The past few weeks have been challenging for everyone, and while people are trying to adapt to the new reality COVID19 brought to our life, is sure that the amount of traffic is getting bigger. Although self-isolation is the current state of mind these days, we wanted to let you know that you...
  3. N

    PayPal and Stripe Alternative Affiliate Network

    Most of the digital products affiliate network marketplaces support only PayPal and stripe. I am from a country that does not support both ewallets. Can anyone tell a good affiliate network that handles all our sales and pay affiliate too and then send the vendor weekly or fortnight payment...
  4. Idvert

    Who's better? affiliate networks VS Direct advertisers.

    Hye, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert Group ltd. (advertiser of COD offers, Affiliate network for CPI Offers) Introduction: Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 9 years of successful operational experience as an Affiliate Network, headquartered in China...
  5. MarketCall

    Review Detailed tutorial: $5k with PPcall in Google Ads

    Hi there! ;) We are glad to share our case "How to launch Google call only". The ability to run an advertising campaign in Google with the purpose of "Calls" gives us exclusively mobile placement only; after clicking on the phone number or call button, the OS interface of the mobile device...
  6. G

    Any recommendation for the best offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks?

    Hi everybody, Guys, do you have any recommendation for the best working offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks? with the best payouts? high conversion rate? Because based on our experience we tried several networks and find it difficult to make the campaigns profitable. What traffic...
  7. rajptl129


    AffiNext provides a complete guide on how to make money online with the best affiliate programs. Here you find extensive resources on affiliate marketing. We review and compare all top affiliate programs and rank the best ones. A stop here will give you all the information you need to start...
  8. Mobidea

    Mobidea Giving Away 5K!

    Our BreakDance Challenge is not over yet, but still it doesn't bother us from giving away even more cash! The Mobidea Crew is at it again, with another contest that’s bound to give you a lot of saucy moolah! It’s a giveaway of €5000! Wondering about which prizes we’ve got for you? -1...
  9. Leadbit

    Event Meet Max Leadbit at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017

    Hello everyone! Leadbit Team is going to attend Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017 as well as iGaming Super Show. To be exact, our Senior BDM Max will be at the event. What kind of event it is? The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017 will take place during the iGaming Super Show. It means...
  10. Mobidea

    Ask Me Anything 25 WordPress themes to make your life easier!

    Does it worth working with WordPress or not - is a big topic. We decided not to dig into it, bringing more argues to the table, but to review what this platform can actually give us. There are thousands of possible design options and themes available on WordPress, in which we easily get lost...
  11. Leadbit

    Meet Up China Affiliate Meetup by Leadbit & YeahMobi This Summer!

    After the heated Moscow Affiliate Conference and Afterparty we are happy to announce the global set of Networking Events! Join China Affiliate Meetup by Leadbit & YeahMobi this summer! Event is featured by the STM Forum and Moscow Affiliate Conference and organized to gather the local...
  12. N

    Introduction to nancy.mpire

    Hi everyone! I'm Nancy and I'm an Affiliate Manager with Mpire Network. I'm excited to be part of the Affiliatefix community and I look forward to interacting with you! Feel free to drop me a line to say hello :)
  13. WolfGangCain

    The Easy Way To Get Approved For Affiliate Networks???

    Hello, I am looking for some advice and help to getting approved for some affiliate networks or what affiliate networks I should register with to get offers. I find many of the managers require a substantial amount of information to approve. example: Nice to meet you! **********, an...