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  1. Gala

    Early Glimpse, Big Impact: 2024 Trends To Supercharge Your XMas Campaigns!

    :D Christmas is just around the corner, signalling the perfect moment to kick off your merry campaigns! Now, the challenge is to ensure they break off the festive commotion. Fortunately, Adsterra can help you out by sharing all the tidbits: Interstitials are here to boost your CTR x30: just...
  2. Gala

    Crystallizing the Future: Adsterra's Live Expert Talk on 2024 Predictions and Affiliate Marketing Trends!

    What a year 2023 has been! We've witnessed amazing changes, major opportunities, and unexpected plot twists. Now, the million dollar question is: What does 2024 have in store for us? :cool: If you're eager for a sneak peek into the crystal ball of the future, join us for our Live Expert Talk...
  3. Andreas - Mirelia

    Guide What to expect from the Dating vertical as we approach this Holiday season!

    The affiliate marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and as we approach the festive season, the dating vertical is poised to shine brightly. Here are some compelling reasons why the dating vertical is set to be incredibly promising. Holiday Loneliness: The holiday season can be a lonely...
  4. Dany Oro

    Affiliate lifehacks

    Hello everyone! I am working with RevShare offers and found myself that more experienced manager surely have lifehacks they found while talking with partners. Did you guys find something? Lets drop some of them here if you don't mind:affiliatefix:
  5. K

    3 Content Strategies That Have Been Generating Sales Easily

    1. Don't Sell, Provide Valuable Knowledge and Recommend Here's my question, would you rather buy from a post that just advertise their product to you, or from a post that provided you with knowledge and them recommended their product to solve that problem? The answer is obvious right? A...
  6. rodixeca

    affiliates wanted for children's book illustration

    Hi my name is Dona and I have a business on Fiverr. Among other things I illustrate children's books. I am willing to give $50 to anyone who helps me get clients for my full 25 page children's book illustration gig on Fiverr. Now the question is how do I create a free affiliate link and how do...
  7. John Peterson19

    Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    Hello There My Name Is John Peterson And I Am a Professional Affiliate Marketing Bussines Manager. If you want to start successfully with your Affiliate Marketing bussines, you can always ask me how to start your bussines, where and why.
  8. Gurby Bulo

    Ask Me Anything Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

    Companies are looking for new opportunities and techniques to boost sales. As much as it is to attract new clients, it is also necessary to retain the existing customers. You should know that the cost to attract new clients is more than to retain the current ones. The customer acquisition costs...
  9. Retired

    Affiliate marketing

    What is the best and fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing?
  10. Sarah neilson

    How to Grow an affiliate marketing related website quickly

    I have a website regarding affiliate marketing and digital marketing. I want to grow Quickly and Gain more traffic On my Website. Is anyone knows About how to grow and what should I do?
  11. Sengezo

    Hi Everyone

    I'm new here and I've been learning affiliate marketing for a while now and the information I got was overwhelming a bit in the beginning and also confusing but now I'm gradually getting clarity.I'm willing to share the information I got along the way and also looking forward to explore your...
  12. D

    Going to try affiliate market for the first time

    Hi ! Me and my team are selling on Amazon since 2017. Over the span of 4 years we have learned a lot and recently we have developed a platform which empowers new sellers to crush numbers on Amazon. Our main business is of wholesale. We buy goods from the distributors or brands and then sell...
  13. B

    How to view and check CPA affiliate offers ?

    Hi everyone... Please tell us " how to view USA affiliate offers from other countries ? " I'm asking this question because. I don't want to promote a particular CPA offer just blindly. with out knowing that offer is genuine or not... And in this case I tried VPN also to check the offer but it...
  14. Keitaro

    Official Keitaro JS Script for pro affiliates

    If you are looking for a good technical solution to set up your traffic from Facebook, Google, or other popular sources, then this article can be of great use to you. I will be showing you a real working case on the tracker, which is successfully used by affiliates from eastern Europe, to launch...
  15. Mohiuzzaman

    New Affiliate Marketer

    I am excited to join this amazing AffiliateFix family! Lots of guideline and resource I have found in this friendly forum. I found AffiliateFix is one of the best and friendliest affiliate marketing forum in the world. I am enjoying this. Hope I will learn more from this affiliate marketing...
  16. Jokeey

    New Member

    My name is John Ken. I am a new biz gaining knowledge of best affiliate marketing strategy. Hope to learn here. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  17. YasonNasser

    Free Samples Offers from Maxbounty with ZeroPark

    Dears, i'm newbie to CPA affiliate. i created a campaign for free samples offer(Email Submit) on zeropark i spent 20$ with no conversion i got only 70 clicks from 71590 visits. i used landing page and Bemob tracking software. i don't know what is wrong any suggestion or help plz?
  18. ikramzina

    i need help in affiliate marketing

    how i can make people buy from my links , i use instagram and email marketing but no reasult please help me i work with admitad
  19. C4AFFS


    GET FROM US Exclusive offers thanks to deep partnerships with advertisers Payments on NET 7 by: paxum, paypal, epayments, webmoney,wire Traffic insights from our experienced affiliate managers WORK WITH TRAFFIC Email Push Social Native Context Teaser/banner Web/mobile
  20. Phill AdsBridge

    Announcement TOP converting verticals for our Smartlinks

    Let me represent you our TOP verticals with the highest conversions for the last week. Welcome verticals with their eCPM: 1) Dating - $173 2) Mobile Content Adult - $148 3) Adult Pills - $134 4) Diet & Weight Loss - $132 5) Cams - $75 Smartlinks in 8 the most popular and the most actual...